system restore point

  aceguy 16:17 13 Jan 2005

hi all!!!i want to delete all the old system restore points to free up the disk space. if i turn of the sytem restore point then turn pc on\off will that do the job??? cheers.

  stalion 16:20 13 Jan 2005

turn off system restore and back on will delete all your restore points.You can then create a new one

  Serendipity777 16:21 13 Jan 2005

yes it will... make sure your pc is stable and your happy with how its running before you wipe them all though and dont forget to switch it back on again :)

  Stuartli 16:21 13 Jan 2005

System Restore uses 12 per cent of hard drive space by default - necessary when XP was launched and hard drives were very much smaller.

If you go to System Propreties>System Restore and click on the Settings button, you can reduce the percentage to take up a much smaller figure and recapture some of your drive space.

In the case of my 60GB drive the percentage I use is five per cent, which equates to 2280MB.

  aceguy 16:24 13 Jan 2005

yeh i noticed it used 125 - bit much eh. 1 have a 160 gig drive - but its gettin full. cheers all.

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