System restore or uninstall?

  Skeletor 22:09 28 Feb 2005

Hi all,

Simple question really!

If you've installed a program and then realize that it's not as good as the blurb says, and want rid. Do you uninstall? or use System Restore? What are the pros and cons of each? I know that usually uninstalling leaves bits and bobs behind, does System Restore leave as much junk behind?

Cheers, Steve

  THE TERMINATOR 22:18 28 Feb 2005

uninstall the program using add/remove programs in Control Panel. If there is anything left behind you will be given the details. System restore is not an uninstaller program. It only restores your system files to a state when your system was working ok, that is why it is wise to create them on a regular basis. If you think you have too many, you can delete old ones using "more options" in disk cleanup....TT

  Skeletor 22:35 28 Feb 2005


I usually use Control Panel/Remove to uninstall, but I find it a little irritating (I know, I need therapy) when a box opens to tell me words to the effect "These files may be being used by another program. Are you sure you want to delete them?" Of course this brings me out in a cold sweat, and I click "Do not delete these files". Sometimes there can be as many as a couple of dozen, usually .dll files. I guess using System Restore to uninstall is bad practise, but why?

Anyone else have any thoughts?


  Buchan 35 22:40 28 Feb 2005

Go the way the TERMINATOR indicated and ignore the messages

  VoG II 22:51 28 Feb 2005

I agree with TT also.

  Gandalph 00:50 01 Mar 2005

System Restore is not an uninstall program as previously stated by The Terminator. All System Restore does is just that, it restores your system back to the former state it was before you installed what it is that you are trying to uninstall. It still leaves the program on the HDD but the system just does not see it. It program still takes up disk space as it has not been uninstalled.

  sattman 15:49 01 Mar 2005

And of course that is exactly what file deletion does, sits there until the allocated area is overwriten.

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