'System Restore' option-HPWindows XP Media Player

  flaming 00:45 10 Jan 2006

Is this an OK option to use frequently? I don't want to addle the computer's brain.
I resolved my 'task bar' problem by using 'system restore' to 2nd Jan.06.
I would like to use it again to take the screen appearance further back, as the enlargement of windows suddenly occurred some days before Christmas. These enlarged windows necessitate using the frame arrow to stretch to my right each time to read the ends of sentences.

  SG Atlantis® 08:05 10 Jan 2006

system restore is ok to use but it might get confusing as any software installs and changes you've made in the system will be undone past the date you choose to restore to.

try right clicking an empty space in the desktop choose properties click the advanced tab, make font size normal, then click settings and adjust the screen resolution incase that's what's changed.

  SG Atlantis® 08:06 10 Jan 2006

not advanced tab....


  flaming 17:36 10 Jan 2006

Thanks for what you say about 'system restore'. I would say that I am not one who is installing software and so on, so going back a few days doesn't really matter from that point of view.
Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to alter the on-screen window size yet, after playing a bit with the tabs/clicks you say, so I'll have to put up with it. It might be unbelievably simple for you but not for me. I am nervous of changing something and then not getting back. The screen is full screen size O.K. if I get rid of the list of favourites. I like to work with them showing on the left but can do without at present.

  SG Atlantis® 17:49 10 Jan 2006

list of favourites?

Are you talking about Internet Explorer?

click the maximise button look click here

alternatively if it's windows. reset your windows theme. right click the desktop choose properties, then themes click the drop down and choose a theme, apply it.

  flaming 18:15 10 Jan 2006

Yes - the favourites are IE pages I've kept. I go direct to the page I want when I click on those as its easy for me to get to the pages, and reminds me of what I've got. Others might use shortcuts but I can't and I can't absorb more info. than I'm using at present, quickly enough to do 'work' as well. So I have to act like a dog with three legs. When I click the maximise button I get an impossibly small window with a fraction of the page on it. It's a Windows XP system - I choose a theme 'windows XP' but I still get the same size screen as now, i.e. too large to accommodate the 'Favourites'. I'll play more with it later, to see if a light dawns.

  flaming 18:36 10 Jan 2006

P.S. My playing resulted in several configurations which I have altered back, except for the icons which have (unaccountably to me) shifted position and size; I seem not to be able to get those back as they were yet.

  VoG II 22:15 10 Jan 2006

Arrange the icons how you want then use click here

  Kev.Ifty 23:11 10 Jan 2006

I not 100% sure i have the right end of the stick, but lets see...

I think you like to surf the internet with your Favourites list open/showing on the left of the screen. This then makes the viewing screen (the bit that displays the web site) narrower. Consequently you have to scroll left to right to read it( the website bit).

If thats right.. Do you know you can hover the cursor over the 'line' between the Favourites list and the viewable screen, it will change to a double ended arrow and whilst holding the left button on the mouse, move to resize the given area of the favourites list?

Or! When you wish to view the chosen website in full screen, just click the gold star in the tool bar above, marked 'favourites'. Then when you need the Favourites list back again... Click the star again.

If you already know this then... Apologies!

I can only type with one finger ya know ;-)

Ceers Kev.

  flaming 23:31 10 Jan 2006

Goody! Done that, thanks. I have arranged them in groups and - dare I say it - in an arrangement aesthetically pleasing to me which allows me to see better what I've got rather than the sea of unrelated stuff I had before. Could I ask how one gets rid of unwanted icons on the desktop, please? If I click 'delete' on the drop down menu it asks me if I'm sure I want the file to go to 'recycle bin' which I don't, I just want the icon gone off desktop. I don't know how half of them arrived. They appeared after I was doing work somewhere else. The whole screen will fill up with unwanted icons!

  flaming 23:40 10 Jan 2006

Yes! I hovered the arrow whilst I was reading your post; immediately the list of Favourites reduced horizontally. That looks right, and when I go back to Home page, all should be well. I can touch type - it's just the other stuff that's beyond me. I usually have to write down posters'instructions to try later, but your 'hovering' tip happened without the notes. Thanks for that.

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