System Restore Not Working after using Backup4all

  julius44 12:23 05 Aug 2007

Hello All, mega problem here. I just purchased a 320Gb Seagate external hard drive yesterday, as i currently have a pentium 4 pc with 160Gb....but only about 74GB was full, but i still had over half free, but i wanted to transfer ALL my MP3 files to the external disk.
But this is what happened. I decided to install the full program of Backup4ALL lite....that came with the latest edition of pc advisor magazine....and configure it to tranfer EVERYTHING for my PCS C the External drive N. Not sure whether i did this incorrectly as it was takin over 10 hours but now my PCs hard drive only has 9.20Gb FREE...its nearly all full....and the external drive is 100% empty!!! I've now tried system restore on 2 previous dates, August 1 and 3rd,..but its told me its unsucessful!!! My PC has always been able to restore to a previous date......i just wanna get my internal hard drive back to how it was before....pls help!!!

  Pine Man 13:31 05 Aug 2007

It looks as if you have backed up your C drive to your C drive! Old contents 74GB + BackUp 74GB + Space left 9GB = 153GB, which is the approx size of your drive. I know it's a 160GB drive but it's true size will be a bit smaller than that.

Have a look at the contents of your C drive and you will probably find the answer.

System Restore is notoriously unreliable and only works when you don't need it! IMHO.

  julius44 14:09 05 Aug 2007

It seems u r very right pine didnt occur to me at the pls what can i do now to rectify it??

  Pine Man 18:33 05 Aug 2007

All I can suggest is opening up your C drive and see if there is anything that looks as if it might be your back up file. It will probably be contained in one folder, which could be upto 74GB.

When you are 101% sure you have found it, delete it.

On the basis that the above operation is successful you need to go very slowly through each stage of the new back up to your external HD. Before you start make sure you know what the designation of the external drive is either D or E etc and make sure that whatever you back up is sent to that drive.

Good luck!

  Pine Man 18:38 05 Aug 2007

I don't know much about Backup4ALL lite but I would be inclined to use something like Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost. Both easy to use and shouldn't let you down.

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