system restore not restoring

  Jlen 19:43 12 Oct 2006

System restore was not restoring so I clearedall previous check points and created a new one, when running it with the new check point it does exactly the same as before screen says '....cannot be restored to that date' help

  SLAYER 19:57 12 Oct 2006

this may help.

click here

  patsyanne 20:03 12 Oct 2006

I think "Vog" told someone to switch off system restore ,switch computer off then back on,and switch back on system restore.
You got nothing to loose as you have no restore points at the moment anyway .

  Miros 20:15 12 Oct 2006

Someone once said to me if Bill Gates had designed cars, we would still be using the horse and cart, and when I read your link I understood why, it's not made for easy living is it?

When I read what I'm sure is very useful Info in your Link, I found it mind blowing for a dimbo like me. Nevertheless I have noted it and will try follow it as my System restore has at times behaved in like manner.

  SLAYER 20:36 12 Oct 2006

I never use system restore myself,I tend to clone my hdd regularly.But understand where you are coming from in regards to Mr gates.Why he cannot employ a few dimbos like ourselves, explain things to us in words we can understand, then we can tell the rest of the world.Still there is always this forum.

  skeletal 20:54 12 Oct 2006

Make sure you have turned off your anti-virus software (you may have to go into device manager). When mine is running, it prevents system restore from working.

Worth a look.


  Miros 21:53 12 Oct 2006

Don't think there's much cash in keeping it simple like us! :-)

  sidandlil 21:59 12 Oct 2006

when I use norton antivirus I never have a problem using restore, but I was advised to use AVG antivirus and zonealarm firewall. installed them both , then could not access restore, so i removed them both and all was well. I assume it was the AVG, but decided to go back to norton.
slayer, yes,if only, not all of us understand all the bullshit, thats why we come here

  Miros 23:46 12 Oct 2006

So that's why I have been let down by System restore, because of AVG and Zonealarm. We live and learn, but very slowly.

So the choice is dump them and take a chance that the chosen alternatives don't create the same problem, or download all backdoor spyware and all virus's and trojans, ((what a mess)
or maybe better still forget system restore, and use method such as that of SLAYER who to quote says ' I tend to clone my hdd regularly'. In view of the foregoing it would seem to be the more reliable method.

  skeletal 11:31 13 Oct 2006

All systems are different. I don’t seem to have problems with Zone Alarm (probably will now!). Nor did I have problems with an earlier version of my anti-virus software. The latest version does stop system restore however. (I use Sophos).

I have actually been posting about AV software preventing system restore working for some time now; I have also informed the IT department at work. However, I’ve not seen/had any replies agreeing, or otherwise, until this thread.

However, you don’t need to remove this software, you just need to disable it during the restore process. I would recommend pulling out your modem plug before doing this.

The problem you may have, is that you may not have a “Turn off AV Software” button! For Sophos I need to open task manager and kill the “savservice” etc processes. You need to identify your particular ones.


  Miros 11:47 13 Oct 2006

I have had a massive problem which I believe all started because of a problem with Zonealarm see my post click here I have used Zonealarm for many years until now without any problems.

I'm still working my way through the problem and at the moment awaiting delivery of Recovery CD's to do a complete recovery, as I don't see any other way around it, since my system restore has been 'bandjaxed' in part of the above mentioned massive problem.

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