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  Astrid 08:13 08 May 2009

I run Windows XP SP3 on my computer and have had no trouble getting online until yesterday, when I repeatedly received the message that a connection couldn't be established. After trying successive times I suspected it was my computer and not my server and did a system restore to two days previously. After this everything was fine and I was able to connect immediately. This morning the same thing: unable to connect messages until I restored to the previous day, and then, bingo, ok again. An additional puzzle during all this, I get a message to say I must reduce the number of my start up programmes, but as I've done this to a minimum and the 'properties' now allows more than enough, are the two problems connected?

  Technotiger 08:32 08 May 2009

I am afraid I cannot answer that - but have you tried a right-click on connection icon in System Tray and then clicking on Repair?

  birdface 08:39 08 May 2009

Have you had a Microsoft update in the last 2 days.Someone on here yesterday with the same problem.

  birdface 08:47 08 May 2009

This is the thread from yesterday of course it may not be your problem but worth a look.

click here

  Astrid 09:29 12 May 2009

I just want to note that after several days of trying to sort my System Restore/Help and Support and Search problems, which produced only a blank screen, and after trying various Spywares recommended, the problem appears to have been solved by dumping Internet Explorer 7 and downloading Internet Explorer 8 - everything missing magically returned after this. However, I now have Spyware Doctor on my system that I just can't delete - I've tried every which way. Is there anything one can do to rid one's computer of these stubborn programs?

  birdface 09:35 12 May 2009

If Spyware Doctor is still in add remove download revo this will uninstall it completely.

click here

If not in add remove you may have to install it again for revo uninstall it properly.

  Astrid 12:27 12 May 2009

Thanks for suggestion. It's not in add/remove, unfortunately - I have Revo on my system. I've managed with Winpatrol to take it from startup, and have removed some of the files (pct's) with regedit, but still get message that some of these are write-protected.

  JanetO 12:36 12 May 2009

CCleaner is good for uninstalling progs. Or try in safemode.

  Graphicool1 13:17 12 May 2009
  brundle 13:26 12 May 2009

Follow on to this? click here

Ensure Spyware Doctor is not actually running when you try to remove it. Revo ought to help but won't automatically stop any running processes.
What error messages do you get, if any?

CCleaner's Add/Remove function is exactly the same as the built-in Windows one; no more, no less.

Last resort, download and install SpywareDoctor in order to put back the missing uninstall information and then uninstall it cleanly.

  T0SH 14:08 12 May 2009

I remember a year or so back having problems uninstalling itunes software from a friends PC, I tried all the differing methods that had proved adequate in the past without success

I had read somewhere that CCleaners add/remove was exactly the same as the windows one so I never bothered to try it

After many hours of frustration I was almost at the point of giving up as a last desparate attempt

I installed CCleaner from my pen drive updated it and tried the uninsaller feature

Guess what it took it out sweet as a nut and left me kicking myself for stupidly believing something I had read without checking myself

Cheers HC

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