System restore - Monitor all drives or just BOOT

  OU812 16:51 12 Apr 2004

My PC Master disk is partitioned as C BOOT, D Swap File, E Data and F Recovery (which contains a drive image of a recent fresh reinstall of Win XP Pro).

I also use a second disk for backup of the C and E Data drives (using Drive Image 7).

To my thinking then it dosen't seem to make much sense to leave system restore monitoring all drives when it is only C that contains system and progamme files.

I know you can set system restore to monitor just one drive, but given the somewhat contrary nature in which this utility seems to operate (its let me down more times than its helped me out-hence the use of drive image)I don't want to increase the chance of it failing to do so (in the event that it may at some point down the line be the only way of quickly getting me out of a hole).

So if anyone has an opinion as to whether to leave it monitoring all drives or just the boot I'd be happy to hear them.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:58 12 Apr 2004

I have mine just monitoring the C\ Boot drive as i only have games on the other,so dont bother with it.


  OU812 01:44 20 Apr 2004

Ah what the hell, boot it is!!

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