system restore is it needed ?

  deepblueuk 21:19 28 Mar 2003

Hi all hope everyone's keeping well,ok i've just been chatting to a guy who said he as ssysten restore turned off and his machine runs better for it,some geek in a chat room is supposed to have told him to do it, any thought's on the matter, both he and i are using xp

thanks inadvance. Deep

  MAJ 21:25 28 Mar 2003

It's not needed to run XP, but it can be darned handy at times. It will free up some space if you have it disabled. But having it on or off will noe affect the running of XP either way, in my experience.

  User-312386 21:40 28 Mar 2003

Only one problem turning it off

You lose all checkpoints as they are deleted

it is a good idea to have it

it will NOT delete any programmes on the computer, but will take you back to a stable area in the registry and should not be thought as a back up


  Paranoid Android 21:58 28 Mar 2003

For users who don't have a regular backup policy, I guess it's a good idea. I don't think it's a substitute for a full backup so I have it turned off. It doesn't seem to make much difference to performance though.

I don't like rescue utilities that take a snapshot of the system state, it's too easy to rely on them and then get let down when they don't work properly. I prefer a full backup.


  leo49 21:59 28 Mar 2003

I run ME variants but the principle's the same.I always disable and remove System Restore/PC Health and all associated components as if it's not 100% reliable[and the number of System Restore questions in the Forum is testimony to the fact that it isn't],then to my mind it's a waste of space and resources.If you want 100% reliability use Drive Image.


  jediknight007 22:04 28 Mar 2003

Well, I still havemy System Restore enabled but I do clean out my hard drive often and delete my previous checkpoints when I remember to do so. However, your very last checkpoint is still saved so if something does happen, you can go back.

  flecc 22:11 28 Mar 2003

Disabling it is a good way of improving performance in ME, but the difference in XP is small unless you adopt all the performance maximising options.

A full backup is best as Paranoid Android says, something like Ghost or Drive Image, since these protect the entire system and are passive backup systems taking no CPU capacity during computing.

  Paranoid Android 22:30 28 Mar 2003

Hey, Flecc, long time.


  Macaonasa 22:39 28 Mar 2003

I switched it off and noticed an immediate improvement in speed when using Photoshop.

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