System restore issues

  erins trinity 14:55 17 Dec 2006

I recently had a lot of problems with a wireless router and spent 6hrs on the helpline to US(netgear) who could not solve the problem.In the end dumped the router and reset old bb link. No probs at all - what concerned me was during the helpline they tried to do system restore which failed.. the engineer states it is prob the PC's operating systems are not working as we could not load a driver.. he said to restore the system with the boot up discs.. this will lose all programmes and seems a big step.. is there a way to check system restore funtions correctly - no joy on microsoft site.. have tried setting restore points etc...

  James. 15:04 17 Dec 2006

If you can't restore to an earlier point, or can't create a new point, it's safe to assume it's not working.

Try a re-install of "System Resore"

click here

  James. 15:04 17 Dec 2006

oops should of course be Restore

  rawprawn 15:11 17 Dec 2006

Go to System Restore Settings and tick "Turn Off System Restore. Reboot then turn it back on and reboot again, you should find it gas made a new restore point. You will lose all the old settings. If that doesn't work come back.

  skeletal 15:26 17 Dec 2006

This problem often crops up but one solution that is forgotten is that anti-virus software can stop restore form working.

Thus, turn off your anti-virus software and see if it then works.


  Pineman100 19:05 17 Dec 2006

The other thing that can stop SR from working is external hard drives.

If the following conditions are true...

1. You have an external HD
2. SR is set ot restore the external HD along with your internal HD
3. The external HD is switched off when you attempt a system restore

...then SR won't work.

  erins trinity 20:00 17 Dec 2006

I did bring a hard drive from work home witha power point and plugged it in... does that mean i can't restore without it???

will try the other options above..

  Pineman100 19:35 18 Dec 2006

If you're using the external hard drive for data file backups, there's no need (and no point, since it doesn't have an operating system) in including it in the drives that SR will work on.

If you're using it to "ghost" your system, then you *definitely* don't want SR to mess with it - you need it to remain untampered with.

So the best plan is simply to exclude the drive from those that System Restore works on.

  erins trinity 11:17 22 Dec 2006

The problem was with Norton.. the internet security system does not allow you to restore and you have to turn it off... symantec need to sort this out.
Thanx all.... happy xmas

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