System Restore ignoring size limit

  Akinbiyi 16:21 02 Jan 2004

My XP System Restore keeps on growing despite the max size being set at 1Gb. I clean it out every couple of weeks by turning it off and back on again. How do I get System Restore to stick to the set limit? Each restore point appears to be about 70Mb in size.

  spikeychris 16:37 02 Jan 2004

"My XP System Restore keeps on growing despite the max size being set at 1Gb"

Just explain that again Akinbiyi, is the max set at 12%?

  Akinbiyi 16:44 02 Jan 2004

I've tried all sorts of settings - between the 12% max on the slider of 1726Mb down to about 500Mb. Whatever I set it at, it ignores it and just grows and grows like Pinnochio's nose...

  spikeychris 17:13 02 Jan 2004

Have to say I have never come across this, what makes you certain theat Windows is ignoring the settings?

Instead of turning SR on and off you could delete all but the latest restore point on your machine you could use the disk cleanup ...Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup'. Click on the more options tab and then click 'Clean up' in the System Restore box.

You can also reduce the number of restore points saved on your machine by lowering the total amount of disk space available to system restore. Remember that the lower the disk space available to system restore, the lower the number of restore points that will be available on your machine and smaller the safety net available to you through System Restore.

  Akinbiyi 17:24 02 Jan 2004

My whole point is that I have set the max disk space to be used at various settings between 500-1726Mb, but whatever I set it at, Windows goes past that limit. The first time I realised what had happened was when I saw that there was only 200Mb left on my 15Gb disk instead of the normal 5Mb. Windows is completely ignoring the slider. I know I can clean out system restore in a couple of ways, but I am trying to stop it happening in the first place!

  spikeychris 17:34 02 Jan 2004

5Mb, I take it is 5GB. Out of curiosity how do you know SR is eating the space?

  Akinbiyi 17:41 02 Jan 2004

I know it is System Restore taking up the space because when I check the space used by the System Volume Information folder, it is chock-a-block with subdirectories each about 70Mb in size. The actual disk space used by my program and document files is pretty static at around 10Gb and I use disk cleanup on a regular basis to get rid of temporary files.

  spikeychris 18:03 02 Jan 2004

Just run a check on mine, I have 20 folders between 35 to 80MEG. How many folders do you have?

  Akinbiyi 18:16 02 Jan 2004

Before I turned SR off and on again earlier today, I had about 20 folders averaging 70+Mb, total size 1.5Gb.

  spikeychris 18:24 02 Jan 2004

Thats normal, I think theres something else amiss.

  Akinbiyi 18:27 02 Jan 2004

Thanks for all your help this afternoon. I think we have reached the limit on this one, unfortunately without success, but maybe someone else has some ideas.

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