System Restore How do I?

  golfpro 08:24 11 Aug 2007

When I do a scan with Registry Mechanic, it sets up a restore point before scanning just in case. My questions are:
Are these restore points kept on my PC, if so how do I get rid of the ones I don't want (I really only want the current one). I have heard that too many restore points on the PC is not very good, is this true.

  birdface 08:44 11 Aug 2007

If you press the restore button a page will open with all your restore point,Just tick them all and press delete.

  birdface 08:50 11 Aug 2007

Sorry just noticed,The ones that you want to keep just leave them un-ticked.

  golfpro 09:32 11 Aug 2007

I have just looked at the calender and there are loads of restore points. When I click on these it says "System Proof Point", but I have only a couple from Reg Mech. So were have all the others come from, they go back for months practically one for every day. Is my PC making restore points automatically, if so how.

  Probabilitydrive 09:55 11 Aug 2007

look click here for the entry 'Scheduled restore points'.

  wee eddie 10:05 11 Aug 2007

Your system allocates a certain percentage of the HDD for Restore Points and does one everyday, or so, until that part of the HDD is used. It then deletes sufficient old ones, each time, to allow the next one.

You may need them and they rarely affect the running of the PC.

There are a couple of occasions that you may really need the old ones. One is when you have made a change and the result has not become immediately obvious. For example: If you have downloaded Malwear. However you may then need to delete all the remaining Restore Points as much Malwear can lurk there.

  golfpro 07:45 12 Aug 2007

Thanks a lot for that, very interesting. I will keep what I've got, my System Restore is set to 4% (7007 MB), but I've got lots of memory.

  wee eddie 08:00 12 Aug 2007

Mine is set at 12%.

I have only used Restore a couple of times since it first made it's appearance, but was then a lifesaver, otherwise I'd have had to have done a complete Reinstall.

Incidentally, since moving from Windows 3.1 a dozen years ago or so, I have only once had to do a Reinstall. There are those here that seem to do it on an almost weekly basis. I amazed.

  Technotiger 08:11 12 Aug 2007

Hi, just to mention I share your amazement, I have only had a pc since 2000, but I have never done a re-install of my OS apart from change-over from ME to XP.

  golfpro 09:40 12 Aug 2007

I have had a PC since 1999 The first had Win 95 but that soon got changed. The next came in 2001 with that horrors of horrors Win. ME pre-installed, I changed that after struggling with it for a year for Win. XP, and that's the only time I've had to do a re-install. but it only had a 40 GB HD My present PC is a Pent 4, 3.80 GHz with 200GB which I've had for two years now.

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