System Restore help!! counterfeit XP software???

  PorkFarmer 10:04 04 Dec 2008

Hi my pc recently started to pop up saying, not genuine windows xp software??? so we got an original disc and my hubby installed it without telling me and so has lost all my documents,photos,music,passwords,bookmarked pages etc so i am furious,i tried to do system restore but it would only go back to the day before (when he put the stupid disc in),i don't know what to do???? also now it has restarted the web pages are too big for the screen whereas before they fit perfectly without having to move left to right to read it and the keyboard now i have to press number 2 with the shift key to get the @ symbol??? is there anyway i can ever retrieve my old settings and personal items or is my hubby going to have to move out???

  Technotiger 10:16 04 Dec 2008

Installing the new XP would have auto-formatted the hard drive, so it is likely that you will not be able to retrieve anything! However, I don't like to give up without trying - you could run this direct download program to see if it will recover your pics ... click here

If not successful, then I am afraid it is very unlikely that anything else can be recovered.

The keyboard keys are an easy fix - just go into Control Panel>Regional and Language and set everything to British/English.

Good luck.

  Technotiger 10:47 04 Dec 2008

Also, to make pages fit the screen you need to do one of two things - if it is only the web-pages when you are on-line, then click on the double-square icon top-right between the - sign and the x, then click on the Square which replaced the double-square, you should now see a double-headed arrow when you hover the cursor over the edge of the page, drag the page to your required size, now every time you open a web-page it should open at the size you set with the double-headed arrow.

Or if everything is too big for the screen, you need to right-click on the desktop, go to Properties>Settings and adjust the Screen Resolution, you may need to try one or more settings to get it to your liking.

  Stuartli 11:26 04 Dec 2008

You can easily reduce or enlarge web pages using Ctrl+ (- or +) in Internet Explorer or Firefox; IE also has a page resizing measure (bottom right) in percentage terms.

  DieSse 11:36 04 Dec 2008

This is not a personal dig at you - but a warning for everyone, that I plug away at constantly - I don't mind it being boring if it saves just a few disasters.

Everything needs to be backed up - then data is never lost.

The time to do a backup is when things are going right - not after things have gone wrong.


Preferably to external media - then you'll survive almost any disaster.

  PorkFarmer 10:14 06 Dec 2008

Wow thanks all my pics are back on now thank goodness so now i will back them up would it be best to get an external harddrive or is there any other methods???
Thankyou all so much for your help

  Diemmess 10:39 06 Dec 2008

For my money, and external HD is not only good value but a very safe backup.

Pictures can be committed to CD or DVD but use the best quality standard blanks not the re-writable blanks which are not reliable for long term.
Avoid like the plague bargain unbranded blanks of any sort.

Underlining DieSse's advice, back up everything and do it often!

  Technotiger 11:22 06 Dec 2008

Grreat, glad to see you got some satisfaction :-))

  Technotiger 11:24 06 Dec 2008

PS - go for the external Hard drive - and a program like Acronis True Image.

and keep him away from the computer smile!

Back up once a week or put back up on auto so it only backs up new files / updated ones. So it dont take hours to do a full back up. Of course the 1st one well take awhile but as time goes on it be quicker. Also put pics etc onto a CD and lock it away....

Well done... !!!!

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