System Restore goes belly-up

  BickyBoy 14:43 26 Jan 2005

Cant get SR to work (I'm running XP Pro). Its not automatically creating restore points, and if I manually create them, they usually hang around for a few hours then vanish.
Have checked the SR settings tab, and according to that everything is being monitored and SR is on and working normally. Any thoughts?

  vinnyo123 14:58 26 Jan 2005

any anti-virus running?

I seen Norton mess up SR before "disable it if you are running Norton"

Try to run the utility in Safe mode.

Check the System log for any errors that relate to sr or srservice? post them

Do you have space on HDD?

"If you suspect that you do not have as many restore points as you should have, make sure that the data store is the size that you want the data store to be".Right click my computer icon, properties. System Restore Tab, Settings

Srdiag.exe tool uses bin file for all RS files and errors!

Just some quick thoughts to start the trouble shooting process!

  BickyBoy 15:06 26 Jan 2005

Yeah, running Norton 2005-- had a helluva job installing it, too-- but I think the problem with SR predates that installation. I'm sure theres enough disk space but I'll have a look at the other suggestions you made, thanks.

  wx622 15:16 26 Jan 2005

The general advice given for system restore problems is to turn off system restore, reboot, then turn it back on, reboot once again, and you should be able to create system restore points now.

If this does not work, you will have to think again.

  JIM 15:25 26 Jan 2005

May also be worth a try to disable the systems restore via the safe mode and reboot to enable in your own account.

  BickyBoy 15:35 26 Jan 2005

Yeah thanks all-- I disabled SR, rebooted and turned it back on, rebooted again and now its created a restore point. Now all I have to do is watch and see if it sticks around.
Thanks again-- a la Arnie, "I'll be back" if this precious restore point vanishes into thin air.

  BickyBoy 20:25 02 Feb 2005

Latest is that SR is not working again.
Ive tried the classic switch off, reboot, switch on, reboot thing time and again, and created restore point after restore point-- they always vanish after a couple of hours. Plenty of space on HDD, AV working fine-- any more ideas, anyone? Cheers.

  VoG II 20:28 02 Feb 2005

You aren't running a RAM drive are you?

  BickyBoy 20:42 02 Feb 2005

Sorry.. please define a Ram drive?

  VoG II 20:47 02 Feb 2005

If you don't know what one is the chances are you don't have one. For your possible interest though click here

It was a bit of a stab in the dark. My System Restore stopped creating restore points when I experimented with a RAM drive.

  BickyBoy 21:03 02 Feb 2005

Nope..dont have a Ram drive.Just a bog standard one, with an odd sense of humour

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