System Restore error even in safe mode

  whb93085 18:53 20 May 2009

I have windows vista and have obviously gotten some nasty virus (possibly Brontok? or something I'm not sure but it could not be deleted)and so I was hoping to side step the problem with system restore since my anti-virus software (The Shield Deluxe 2009 that I just installed a week ago) could not pick anything up and there was definately something wrong. I can't use most programs, especially internet browsers while being flooded with constant popups saying how one thing after another has stopped working.
However, system restore would not even come up in normal windows mode so naturally I go to safe mode and there I do get it to come up and run as I choose a date even before I installed the Shield Deluxe (thinking it could possibly be at least part of the problem) but once it runs and restarts in normal mode it used to say that that system restore has failed and none of my files or settings have been changed while the barrage of program-has-stopped-working-popups begins anew.
So, I have tried running system restore (in safe mode) and restarting in safe mode in hopes that that might allow it to finish properly and then just restart in normal mode. This also has proved fruitless. The message says "System Restore did not complete sucessfully ... system files and setting were not changed. Details: An unspecified error has occured during system restore."
From pouring through forums for help, many have suggested using the windows reboot disc or something similar and performing system restore from that but I do not have this disc or anyother (I go to school in a different state and am here all summer) and so I do not know what to do. Normal mode will not even open properly anymore and is practically usless but safe mode appears to still be alright. I'm afraid I might have to resolve myself to reformating windows (I have an external so all of my important files are backed up so it wouldnt concern me too much) only I don't have the windows discs anywhere geographically close if at all (I'm not entirely sure I do).
I would love to find a way to just make system restore work and just go back in time. I think I read something about how maybe deleting all previous restore points and rebooting might reset system restore (if I'm lucky) but then I wouldn't have any previous possible restore points to go back to even if it did work and if it didn't work, then I'm in a worse position than when I started.
I need some serious help...

  rawprawn 19:20 20 May 2009

Download and update click here then run it in safe mode
After that run a system file scan Open the command Prompt using Right Click, and select "Run as administarator" at the C: prompt type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

  whb93085 19:40 20 May 2009

I am typing this on a different computer (right now mine is pactically useless). So how should I go about doing what you suggested? There is no way to use the internet on my computer, much less download anything so would I have to download it through a different computer and transfer it to mine with like a flashdrive or something?

  brundle 20:36 20 May 2009

Yes download from rawprawn's link and copy the file to a flash drive. Download the latest definitions file (direct link click here ) for the program here and copy that too.
On your PC, run the installer but don't actually run the program itself at the end. Run the updates file instead, then run the program. Do a full scan and delete all it finds.

  whb93085 16:30 21 May 2009

I tried what you have recomended (twice) and malware did find some stuff that it deleted but I'm still faced with the same problems (constant program has stopped working popups, system restore error, no internet capability etc.). Any other suggestions?

  brundle 16:33 21 May 2009

Unfortunately your options are limited without an OS CD. Is there an I386 folder on your system? Usually C:\I386

  whb93085 16:47 21 May 2009

Uh, unless it's something like an Uninstall text doc which i doubt then nothing else is coming up. So I'm pretty much screwed then I guess?

  whb93085 16:48 21 May 2009

Would somebody else' OS cd word if it comes down to it?

  rawprawn 17:18 21 May 2009

Yes for sfc purposes

  brundle 17:18 21 May 2009

As long as you have the product code for your current Vista installation then it should, all the Vista DVDs contain the same data - the product code decides what version of Vista is actually installed.

  brundle 17:19 21 May 2009

If it's just for SFC, as rawprawn says - yes, no problem. Copy the I386 folder to your hard-drive at some point too.

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