System Restore doesn't work

  beekrock 01:52 01 Dec 2006

My father just switched from dial-up to broadband. When the broadband is connected, the computer starts trying to send out an endless amount of emails. The funny thing is that we can still use dial-up without the flood of emails. I downloaded Norton Internet Security 2007 and have everything up to date. There were several infections/trojans detected and, supposedly, removed. I tried to do a system restore, but I keep getting the messages "Restoration Incomplete" and "No changes have been to your computer". I opened up System Properties to try to turn system restore on and then off again, but it won't give me the option. On top of this, we now get about 10 attempted Portscan intrusions per day. I'm at a total loss!

  Diodorus Siculus 07:58 01 Dec 2006

In such situations, I'd suggest saving all your data and doing a clean install of Windows if you feel confident in that.

  birdface 09:22 01 Dec 2006

Probably need a good firewall, Kerio is first class and easy to use,If you decide to try it,When downloading untick the advanced Dot ,And tick other Dot,As easy to use as Windows,Download the full version, You get a 4 week trial, If you dont want to pay after that, it puts you straight on to the free version,click here

  Probabilitydrive 09:34 01 Dec 2006

buteman, beekrock has got already NIS 2007 with a firewall running. Another firewall would bring the system on its knees due to the coflict its creating.

Unless there i a point why you advice to install Kerio in favour of Norton's firewall, I do not know, who this would resolve beekrock's query.

  Probabilitydrive 09:35 01 Dec 2006


  birdface 09:36 01 Dec 2006

Dont you have any other Spyware programs on the computer,Likes of Spybot search and destroy,AVG Antispyware is good ,or A Squared,And sorry about the firewall, I just realised that Norton has its own Firewall,

  Probabilitydrive 09:37 01 Dec 2006

...quick on your feet today buteman ;-)

  birdface 09:42 01 Dec 2006

Thanks for that , Just realised it as I was typing, Bit early in the morning for me.Think it has its own Spyware program to if i remember right.beekrock try this, Panda, It does a free scanclick here

  birdface 10:20 01 Dec 2006

This might be a more up to date here you need the experts in here,So I will leave you and hope That the folk with all the knowledge will be able to help, good Luck,

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