System Restore - allocate more space

  Graham. 22:42 02 Oct 2009

Running Vista, is the 15% of HDD for System Restore set in stone, or can you increase it?

  Woolwell 22:54 02 Oct 2009
  Graham. 23:12 02 Oct 2009

Blimey Charlie, as it's for a friends laptop, I will leave it alone. Thanks, anyway.

  Woolwell 23:16 02 Oct 2009

Most people want to reduce it not increase.

  Stuartli 00:17 03 Oct 2009

XP arrived at the beginning of this decade when hard drive capacities were but a fraction of the current levels; System Restore had a Default figure of 12 per cent.

Today even one per cent of, for instance, a 320GB hard drive amounts to 3.2GB, which is far more than is required for a sensible System Restore configuration.

However, even limiting the System Restore setting to minimum means that the capacity set aside is far more than required.

So you are almost certain to need to reduce it rather than increase it from 15 per cent in Vista.

  cream. 00:23 03 Oct 2009

Just amending your maths

12% of 320Gb is about

38.4 Gb.

It's late.;-)

  Stuartli 08:54 03 Oct 2009

Please read my posting again...:-)

Nothing to do with being late.....

  cream. 10:18 03 Oct 2009

You are quite correct.

and I didn't read your posting fully :-(

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