System Restore

  Ferrari-Fan 12:59 28 Dec 2010

My new laptop with Widows 7 had Microsoft office trial preinstalled. I deleted it but would now like to give it a try.

Does System Restore reinstall deleted programs if I go back to the relevent restore point?

  woodchip 13:02 28 Dec 2010

No, but it may be on the Restore CD if you got one. I think its gone for good now

  bremner 13:06 28 Dec 2010
  961 13:07 28 Dec 2010

Free 60 day trial from Microsoft but be aware that when it ends your docs may not be available

  bremner 13:11 28 Dec 2010

Can you explain as I have never had an issue

  961 13:24 28 Dec 2010

Some have reported not being able to access docs when trial ended and tried to revert to older office

May not be a problem with current trial or I guess if you buy product after trial

  bremner 13:27 28 Dec 2010

I assume that they are meaning that they saved them in docx format and then could not open them in older versions of Word

  Ferrari-Fan 18:45 28 Dec 2010

The thing that I wanted to have a look at was the Office 2010 starter program as I think this would satusfy my basic requirements. Would I be correct in assuming that this would not be included if I downloaded the trial?

If not can this be obtained on its own from microsoft or where would be the best place to get it from?

  bremner 18:54 28 Dec 2010

Are you sure your computer had Office Starter and not the full 60 day trial version.

Starter is only available as a pre-install on new computers.

  woodchip 19:24 28 Dec 2010

Or you could Download OpenOffice Its Free
click here
You can Read and Save as MICROSOFT Doc files

  Ferrari-Fan 19:27 28 Dec 2010

Yes Office 2010 starter was a preinstall on the new laptop

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