system restore

  bumpkin 17:26 19 Oct 2010

Hi everyone, probably simple to those that know.
How do I get my PC to automatically create a restore point every day.


  gengiscant 17:37 19 Oct 2010

All you need to know here here

  bumpkin 18:10 19 Oct 2010

Thanks gengiscant (good nickname)
referring to your link it says "restore points are created automatically everyday"

Great that is exactly what I want so why is it that when I want to do a restore there are very few if any points.

Maybe one from yesterday or 4 days back if I am lucky.


  gengiscant 09:29 20 Oct 2010

Its yet another one of those things that Microsoft haven't got right.
To be sure to get a daily restore point it is better you do it yourself.

Can I ask why you should want to create a restore point daily, if you should get a virus or other malware you will also be copying it,which means even though you think you have gotten rid of it, the next time you restore back it comes.

  bumpkin 17:39 20 Oct 2010

I see your point regarding malware, I would like to
think that my AV would pick it up but maybe not always.
The reason I would like to create a daily restore point automatically is I have 3 pc`s in the household.
One is mine which no one else can access and gets very few problems and two others that anyone can use and constantly get buggered up.


  gengiscant 07:44 21 Oct 2010

Unless you can guarantee that your daily system restore point has happened before any potential malware infestation it seems a tad pointless.

Whereas I take your point about the 2 PC's for general use get buggered up often, I have a neighbor who has a similar problem, rather than have me try and repair the problems caused by his young children downloading all sorts of malware infected stuff,I keep an image of the PC when it is in pristine condition, then it is just a case of copying any photos etc then reinstalling the image and they are good to go.

As for your own, if you are the only person to use it and know what you are doing, why is it necessary to create a daily restore point?

  bumpkin 17:30 21 Oct 2010

thanks for the reply, good points. I like system restore as it is quick and easy, Acronis or similar I suppose is the ultimate answer.
Still curious as why I can`t do automatic restore points if I want.
Thanks for the advice I shall take it and close this posting.


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