System Restore

  Maurice9735 17:28 09 Jan 2007

Hi you helpful souls.

I did a system restore clean-up.I was left with
one restorf point I was advised that this would happen but went ahead anyway.

Is it possible to re open. This restore point is not the best.I would like to restore at an earlier point or restore to a date in august when repairs where doneto my PC


  Enoch 19:06 09 Jan 2007

If you only have one restore point, I think that it is only to that point you can restore to as you have not got any other options.

Never, never depend on System Restore. When you can, use other restore programmes

  Pine Man 19:37 09 Jan 2007

Enoch is right - when you 'clean up' the points are completely deleted.

Enoch is also right about relying on System Restore it is notoriously unreliable. If you put System Restore into the search box you will find that most of the threads are about it not working.

If you haven't got a backup program get either Acronis True Image or Norton Ghost you won't regret it.

  skidzy 22:02 09 Jan 2007

I also agree with the above statements.

Now im unsure if this link will still work,it for a free version of Acronis True Image 7 click here it is an old link (october last year i believe),but certainly worth trying.

  Maurice9735 00:27 10 Jan 2007

Thanks for your advice.

The link is stil live,I've registered.

Got a Serial No & Password. There is a list
of downloads.

Wich do I choose & what do I do. I have never done any back-ups before.


  terryf 01:33 10 Jan 2007

Personally, I would consider fitting a 2nd hard drive and making your backups on it, I have about 16gb on my C drive and this makes a backup file on my D about 8gb. My policy is to keep all data (docs, pics, tunes, downloads, OE store folder) on D and only have windows and programs on C. If you install TI, the help file takes you through the process of making a backup. With TI it takes about 15 mins to restore my C drive which is better than an afternoon reloading windows and all my programs then I just update my AV and any win updates since my backup. I don't need to restore my data since it is safely on D

  terryf 01:35 10 Jan 2007

PS one of the things that TI does is to burn a recovery CD that lets you restore even if windows is completely bust

  Enoch 07:36 10 Jan 2007

"terryf" is absolutely correct, a second hard drive is the perfect answer, but it should be an external hard drive. If you back up on to this you are as safe as you possibly could be.

From bad experience I am a backup freak. I back-up my complete PC hard drive once a month using Acronis True Image. Two weeks later I back up using Ghost. On the intervening weeks I backup just my personal files (out of MyDocuments), one week to CD-RW and the other week onto a flash memory stick. This whole backup process is rotating weekly. Total time taken each week is under 30minutes. I also have Go-Back on my PC whch I use instead of System Restore.

Now all the aforementioned must seem like overkill, but I have had the experience of a total loss of data about five years ago and I swore "never again". I now am completely paperless, everything I have is on my hard drive. My filing cabinet is empty. I sleep at night know if I have a PC problem I have an out without a problem. I do spend a considerable time in the USA, but, with my laptop and my back-ups with me it means I am in control.

  Maurice9735 15:30 11 Jan 2007

Thankyou all for your help.

If you hear of any software that rings
a warning bell, when RABBITS, like me,
make a wrong click, or strike a wrong key,
please think of me.


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