System Restore

  Lazzara 12:34 17 Nov 2006

I run windows ME and have been having various different problems with it recently. I have done a full system restore probably about 4 times previously but a fresh start is very appealing. Will it do any harm if i do another? i.e are you advised only to restore that system a couple of times max or anything?

  recap 12:38 17 Nov 2006

You can make a restore point at any time you wish Lazzara.

  Stuartli 12:39 17 Nov 2006

Do you mean a System Restore or a full reinstallation of Windows ME?

  mjf85 12:50 17 Nov 2006


While I have never had the misfourtune of using Windows ME I do not think the theory changes from XP or 2000. In answer to your question first, no there is no limit to how many times you can restore your machine.

If you wanted to do a system restore, aka put a restore disk in, then as far as I know it deletes all your user data, and then from another section on the hardrive brings out the preconfigured drivers and settings as denoted by the vendor that you got the machine from. This would effectivily restore it to a factory state and then you could go and load your files and programs back on.

If you mean totally rebuilding your machine then this would delete all your files and programs and it would delete all the drivers and everything that you have on the machine, then when it was rebuilt you would then reload your drivers for your hardware and then your programs and documents.

In an attempt to resolve the problem for you so that you do not have to resort to rebuilding your machine could you please discribe the symptoms you are having on your machine.

Kind Regards

Mark Furby

  Lazzara 13:53 17 Nov 2006

To be honest ive reinstalled all the programs etc before and it didnt actually take very long so I might go for that. The problems I have been having are are probably mostly down to me not known exactly what im doing with certain things, namely networking.

I upgraded from AOL broadband to AOL wireless broadband - i have been having problems setting up the network, for example 90% of the time the pc has been unable to detect the router despite it being connected up properly. The other 10% ive either managed to set up a network then mess it up when it came to security setting (not remembering WEP key) and therfore losing connectivity. I've tried resetting, using different network adapters etc but i was havent much luck - when i do it next time i'll set it up through the XP pc instead of the ME as most of instructions you get correspond the XP system. Setting the network up via windows as apposed to using the adapter software.

So after installing a couple of adapters I started it to have conflicts - these were not stopping me connecting to the internet but they did appear to be stopping my browsers (IE, Firefox) from opening on the requested web page, instead i got the 'page not available' and had to use the AOL browser for access. I managed to rectify this bu uninstalling what i thought was the conflicting hardware but the same happened again day or so later. Although everything that was displayed in device manager appeared to be working, i pinged my ip address which was successful i still couldnt use the browsers. I started to mess around with settings that i read may resolve the problem and then i couldnt connect to AOL at all. I reinstalled AOL however the driver installation was stopped half way through and now it wont allow me to uninstall or re-install the correct drivers. So basically i went from wanting to get wireless set up to having no internet.

A fresh start sounds like a great idea - no more trying to do things im not 100% sure about.


  Stuartli 15:06 17 Nov 2006

..If you wanted to do a system restore, aka put a restore disk in, then as far as I know it deletes all your user data, and then from...>>

System Restore and a reinstallation are two different things.

The first restores the Registry to a previous setting as required (and can be reversed if necessary) and the second is to completely reinstall the operating system.

  Stuartli 15:13 17 Nov 2006

I've never used ME so don't know if an ME Repair works with the same outcome as an XP Repair. See:
click here

click here

for information.

An XP Repair normally retains all the programs, applications, configuration etc although it is still wise to have backups just in case but, as I say, I don't know if it applies with ME.

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