System restore

  meofcourse03 21:12 03 Nov 2005

I recently had to run sysytem restore i took it back a few weeks before i got viruses and a trojan from something i downloaded. Everything i had was still there but i had basic Windows Media Player instead of version 10 and cannot download it. I also had java to play games on yahoo now that won't download because it says i am still in safe mode! How do i get out of safe mode, i didnt think i was running it in safe mode anyway.

  woodchip 23:06 03 Nov 2005

Recheck for Virus

  Stuartli 23:09 03 Nov 2005

As Woodchip states recheck for viruses and then use System Restore to return to a later date.

Any System Restore point can be returned to as required either backwards or forwards.

  johnnyrocker 23:17 03 Nov 2005

undo the restore as it is not in my opinion a way round a virus, what av do you have and was it up to date at the time of the occurence?


  J B 23:32 03 Nov 2005

Good evening everybody,unless I miss my guess, If you have a virus or a trojan going back to an earlier time won't help. You have to disable system restore and remove what ever gremlins you have on your system only after you have run your A/V software. As far as being in the safe mode I will defer to someone with more knowledge than I. Good luck in getting back to normal. J.B.

  woodchip 10:51 04 Nov 2005

That's my point

  J B 11:05 04 Nov 2005

I take your point, all I was saying was that when he disables system restore he loses all his restore points so going back to a previous time would not do any good. He would have to make his own restore point once the virus was removed from the system. J.B.

  woodchip 16:45 04 Nov 2005

Yes what I was getting at, is that System restore should be disabled before removing a Virus as restore may just put the Virus back

  Giant68 17:04 04 Nov 2005

Some virus' lodge themselves in system restore which is a protected folder, so AV will not have access to them. AV then removes the virus from your system but it will restore itself from the system restore. Therefore you will have to disable system restore then run AV. This will, as has been stated, wipe out all your restore points, but should remove the virus. Then see if anyone can supply you with a copy of the basic media player and java. As for "safe mode" reboot the PC and press F8 as it is rebooting until you get the safe mode menu and select "start windows normally". Hopefully that may work.
I hope this helps.


  PaulB2005 17:08 04 Nov 2005

"AV then removes the virus from your system but it will restore itself from the system restore."

Does this ACTUALLY ever happen, because i don't see why the virus would be able to restore itself of it own accord from SR without some intervention from the user. Never seen it happen either.

  Giant68 18:09 04 Nov 2005

Sorry, bad wording on my part. In my experience i have never seen a virus restore itself from SR without user interference. Generally users try to do a system restore to solve a problem and restore the virus manually.


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