System Resources-Like a challenge?

  Sapins 08:33 06 Jul 2010

I am running XP Home SP3 with 1GB of Ram. I run Spywareblaster, Superantispyware, Spybot search and destroy. Windows Defender and Avast anti-virus.

The message I am getting after the computer has been running, even idling, for a short while is "Insufficient System Resources exist to complete the requested service" It then seizes up with large blocks of graphics and text missing, re-booting returns it to normal for a while then the problem returns.

The challenge is; How do I increase the resources or find out what is using up the resources. My searches have only turned up solutions re hibernation, which is disabled, or other irrelevant solutions.

I have disabled all start up items via msconfig and only have AvastUI/SUPERAntiSpyware/Print Screen Pro/ctfmon and Google Toolbar Notifier. In Task manager there are 60 services running, the Kernel Memory is approx; 114500-paged 93500-non paged 21200. If I open a page in IE8 the CPU Usage shoots up around 90% and quickly comes down to about 10%. I can post a screen shot of Task Manager if some one can tell me how to do that

I tried to install the Microsoft fix KB909095 but it said there was no need to as it was in the service pack I have.

So, does anyone have any idea what is wrong and how to fix it please.

  Technotiger 09:03 06 Jul 2010

Read all the way through - hope this helps...

click here

  birdface 09:06 06 Jul 2010

maybe try My Computer.
Right click on C drive.Then properties.
It should then show you how much disc space you have left on your Drive.
Maybe give C Cleaner a run to remove any junk. Do a Defrag.Chdsk.
TaskManager.If nothing running System Idle process should be showing about 96% under CPU that is normal.Anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.
Try device manager to make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks against any of your drivers.
All depends how much memory is used Another I Gb would probably not go wrong.
That gives you something to try until you can get some proper advice.

  sherwoodsolns 10:06 06 Jul 2010

!!!! - 1GB is more than enough to run XP

your problem may lie in conflicting software trying to do the same task using resources. Only use 1 antivirus in TSR mode - get rid of googletoolbar (spam)

go into advance settings and alter the pagefile tto system managed. Right click "my computer" then properties/advanced tabs

change performance settings to custom - only enabling things liks visual styles, drop shadow on icons, smooth screen fonts. the rest of the options swithced off - you won't notice much difference using windows.

click on advanced tab again - and set pagefile to system managed.

disable any services you don't need - lists exist on the internet of safe services to disable or set to manual.

Check HDD space, clear clutter with CCleaner, defrag using Auslogics defrag both free.

the machine will boot faster and run faster with a few simple tweaks - no hardware upgrade needed really.

  Sapins 10:09 06 Jul 2010

Thanks all, have to go out, will pick up again later today.

  sherwoodsolns 10:12 06 Jul 2010

if all else fails and the symptoms still exist then I would run diagnostics on your memory and graphics card - intermittent faults from either could cause BSOD or explorer lockup.

IE8 booting or any other program for that matter will use system resources and CPU time and expect this to jump to 100% - it is normal.

If the cpu thrashes at 100% and will not drop - then it relates to issues of operating system, hardware or third party program causes. Not forgetting our dear friends the trojan/virus that will also hog resources - do a cloud scan with panda or norton to really make sure your machine is clean.

  Sapins 16:50 06 Jul 2010

Read your link, No performance tab in computer properties, no Explorer or Systray in Ctrl/Alt/Del, I think the article is for an earlier version of Windows, and I have no screen saver.

buteman, "C" drive is 55gb, 28.4 used and 26.7 free. I have Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 running and I have ran chdsk with no problems reported. There are no Yellow ! in Device Manager.

sherwoodsolns, Just got a file corrupt message,
"rundll32.exe corrupt file. C:\$Mft" Run chkdsk, which I am doing now. It has closed with no result!
How do I run diagnostics on memory and graphics card?

  Sapins 16:52 06 Jul 2010

Forgot to mention There are no system restore points, there were this morning and I have checked it is not turned off.

  Technotiger 17:51 06 Jul 2010

I am also running XP(SP3) ... you will find the Performance Setings via Devices>Advanced.

  Les28 21:53 06 Jul 2010

In Msconfig Services Tab if you put a tick in the box to Hide all Microsoft services, how many non MS services are shown as Running?

Have a check to see if your Page File or Master File Table are heavily fragmented, Open windows disk defragmenter, click on the Analyze button, not the Defragment button, then click View Report. Scroll down the Volume Information window under Pagefile Fragmentation how many Total Fragments shown, then scroll down to Master File Table how many Total MFT fragments shown also what percentage of MFT is in use?

Do you have any of these warnings about resources when running in Safe Mode?

  Les28 22:43 06 Jul 2010

When in Services Tab in msconfig look to see if Spybot or Tea Timer are running, sometimes just stopping programs loading using the Start Up tab in msconfig doesn't stop their associated services from running if they are set to automatic startup and it may be you have a resource conflict between security software. Don't try stopping any non ms services in msconfig, just have a count.

Do you mean 60 processes running in Task Managers Processes pane? It doesn't really add up for XP if you've only got about 5 items in the Startup tab in msconfig, perhaps there's a lot of services or orphaned services running in msconfig services tab.

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