System resource very low

  yattonharry 10:54 18 Oct 2004

Help someone please! I cannot open my emails as I have error msge. 'Cant open this item - out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programe & try again' I have copied loads of stuff onto CD-WR and deleted what I have on the hard Drive - I have degragged and tried everything I can think of. At present I cannot open Outlook itself any longer & have just tried to open My Computer to see how much space I now have, but I cannot open. I last had prior to copying 25.6GB - Free disk space 5.91 GB - if I recall one of these went up to 40GB. I have tried MS knowledge and that was confusing. 'If defragging turn off virtual memory 1st as swap file etc.,' it then ends this advice with 'Disable Vurtual Memory [Not Recommended]' -
So why tell you to in the 1st place. I have disregarded that advice so far.
I have done a search of this site and found this - doesthis apply to my circumstances too?
Do a search for the file NORMAL.DOT (note doT not doC). You will need to enable searching for hidden files and folders to find it. In the search results box, right click the file and select Rename. Call it NORMAL.OLD
Sorrowfully Yattonharry

  yattonharry 10:56 18 Oct 2004

Sorry I should have added:-
I am using MS Word 98 on Dell Dimension XPS T500


  JIM 11:59 18 Oct 2004

You have Dell Dimension XPS T500 which seem to be in a bit of a mess due to whatever.Lets have a bit more info from your system.

Are you running the WinxpSP2 service pack?

1/ how much memory/ram is installed. (Right hand click on my computer select properties and it will tell you at the bottom of window)

2/ What is your hardrive size,(not to clear from your post)

3/Open your "windows task manager"(ctrl/alt plus delete key)"at the same time" When open,under the heading processes tell us how many running programs are shown.(Processes = Num off)(showing in bottom left of window)

4/Make a note of how much CPU Usage is being used at this time after booting up system. Info from same task manager window. "% wise let us know"

After the above.

5/ Go to start,run and type in Msconfig in box click OK.

6/ When the "Systems Configuration Utility" window opens up Click on the "Startup Tab" then click on "Disable All" (bottom right of window)Click OK then reboot.

7/ When system reboots ignore the systems configuration utility when it appears and cross it out for now.

8/ Run your system for a bit noting if any changes to your problems etc.(Meaning is it running any better) Come back and let us know without changing anything first.


  yattonharry 16:00 18 Oct 2004

Hi there Jim,
Many thanks for your advice. I now cannot open anything on my computer and am using another - luckily - using on line mail.

I will study this and try my besy to sort this out. I now realise that I should have asked earlier when I had symptoms and not the disease!!



  yattonharry 17:11 18 Oct 2004

Thanks for your advices.
Not running WinxpSP2 service pack.
Dell Dimension XPS T500 operating Windows 98SE
Pentium III in use.
Hard Drive - 13 Gb - Used 6.75gb Free 5.91gb
Memory - 128mb SDRAM - System resources 70% free - File system & Virtual memoory 32 bit
Task Manager shows 3 programs - Explr, Incd and MDM. CPU Usage not found on this Task Bar dialogue box.
Have typed in Msconfig but no "Start Tab" in evidence and no "Disable All". 40 items ticked in "Startup Tab". Config sys Tab shows Files 80 and Buffers 30. Have not proceeded further.

  JIM 18:02 18 Oct 2004

"Now we know what Windows OS " your using ,its a different kettle of fish.Go back to msconfig and un-tick all in list bar "task monitor" "systray" "incd" "load powerprofile" REBOOT win98,see if much different.

After that go to run type in SFC click ok and let the systems file checker work.You may be asked for your Win98 cd, follow information.

Will get back to you shortly.Tea time :)

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