System pauses for 30 seconds

  rts2 19:32 09 Mar 2003

My PC has developed a curious habit of pausing (or freezing) for precisely 30 seconds at some point during each session. It then resumes normally.

It can happen at any time, but will occur only once during each period the PC is switched on.

It will happen if I try to print or if I try and explore one of the drives

Not the end of the world, but I should be grateful for any suggestions at to how to overcome this annoying habit !

  Glyn-252301 20:13 09 Mar 2003

I take it that you have allready checked for trojens, worms, and run a check with Ad-aware to find spyware. What about progs running in the background. Check on Google for a free utility called TweakAll, it shows all background activity and allows you to turn it all off leaving only the essentials.

Hope this is of some help.

  powerless 20:16 09 Mar 2003

Whats your operating system?

It is probably the programs you have set to start when the computer is starting (if any). They are continuing to load so cause the 30 second freeze.

  Glyn-252301 20:17 09 Mar 2003
  rts2 12:47 12 Mar 2003

Thanks to "youknowhim" and to "powerless" for their helpful suggestions.

The problem is not with lots of programmes loading on statup - I have removed all but my virus checker

I have downloaded Tweakall and checked my system, but all seems to be well.

So........the 30 second freeze remains a mystery!

  bloo meeny 00:00 09 Dec 2004

Yes I suffered from this too - but always EXACTLY 28 SECONDS !!! Used to happen most often when deleting or dragging to copy files. Mouse pointer remained movable and I recall that I could open a new browser window but nothing else.
Seems to have stopped doing it now though !

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