System panel Connection missing 4 pin

  lexus2 13:04 07 Dec 2008

On building my pc i hit this problem, on my 1st boot I crossed my fingers and awaited the beep/beeps. Nothing happened on looking at my manual. it states a 4pin connection is needed, to hear the beeps. But I have a 3 pin connection and a 2 pin connection the other 3 connections are seated in the panel as shown in the photo so I know there correct. But what do I do to get around this problem I tried reversing the 3 pin connection oh by the way these are (power led 3 pin) and (hdd2 connection 2 pin)
So can anyone advise me as what to do with this problem.

Many thanks in advance

Oh my case is an Antec P180
and my mobo is a ASUS P5K Premium

  I am Spartacus 13:13 07 Dec 2008

Are you talking about the speaker connector? If so pins Speaker 1 and 4 on the Q-Connector are used. The Power and Hard Drive connectors aren't needed to boot, they just show the activity LEDs.

  lexus2 13:28 07 Dec 2008

thanks for the reply, forgive my ignorance is this the system warning speaker connection on the Q- connector
ide led + = hdd led 1
ide led -

pwr ground = pwr sw

reset ground = re

set sw

then I have to pins left

power led &
hdd led2


  I am Spartacus 14:22 07 Dec 2008

Q-Connector pins are:

Starting top left (facing the motherboard, with the white connectors at your bottom right):

Pin 1 - PLED+
Pin 2 - blank
Pin 3 - PLED-
Pin 4 - blank
Pin 5 - blank
Pin 6 - blank
Pin 7 - +5V
Pin 8 - Not used
Pin 9 - Not used
Pin 10 - Speaker

Note pins 7 - 10 on top row are for the speaker

Starting from bottom left:

Pin 1 - IDE LED+
Pin 2 - IDE LED-
Pin 3 - blank
Pin 4 - blank
Pin 5 - blank
Pin 6 - PWR
Pin 7 - Ground
Pin 8 - blank
Pin 9 - Reset
Pin 10 - Ground

PLED = Power LED
PWR = Power (on/off button)

  I am Spartacus 14:24 07 Dec 2008


IDE LED = lights indicating disk activity.

  I am Spartacus 15:27 07 Dec 2008

Does your case actually have a speaker? The case manual doesn't mention one.

  lexus2 17:41 08 Dec 2008

Hello I am Spartacus

I have acquired 4pin connection with fan and I'm pleased to say the pc started with a single beep.
Thanks for all your help anyway. It was my second choice of action.

Best wishes and have a merry xmas


  lexus2 18:58 08 Dec 2008

oops I ment with sound. lol (not fan)

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