System Message Warning

  Rachel72 16:47 04 Jun 2006

I recently went on a website (click here) DO NOT GO ON IT!! and ever since i keep getting these system message warnings every 10 seconds, there is No way to get rid of them i've tried everything i can think of. I've upsdated my antivirus software and got rid of all spyware, scanned for viruses which said i had none, defragged the PC, deleted cookies, cleaned up the C drive, Upped my firewall ... deleted internet files. I don't know what else to do without having to reinstall window back on to my PC. There are 2 messages, the first one reads:

Windows has detected critical registry errors.

Failure to repair will result in:

1) hacker access to computer
2) file loss or deletion
3)slow computer performance
visit click here to scan and repair your registry.

IF you click that website, it scans something, tells you that there are viruses on your PC, which there aren't because my $70 zonealarm would have informed me and got rid of them and tells you the only way to get rid of the viruses and the warning messages is to pay $39.95 for them to get rid of them. The other message that website have plagued me with reads:

Message from SYSTEM

Microsoft windows has encountered an Internal Error
Your windows registry is corrupted

system reccomends a full system scan

click here

To repair now for a free download

This message along with the other has 2 options to click "Repair Now (recommended)" which automatically takes you to that website which does the same as the other, and, "Later" I keep closing these windows but they pop back up every 10 seconds they are so annoying i don't know how to get rid of them. Any ideas will be appreciated, thanks!:)

  Ikelos 16:53 04 Jun 2006

can you not go back with system restore?,

  Rachel72 16:57 04 Jun 2006

I tried to restore it, but my PC wont restore it to ANY date

  beynac 16:59 04 Jun 2006

I suggest that you download HijackThis from click here and post the log at MalWare Removal forum click here

  De Marcus™ 17:04 04 Jun 2006

Zonealarm isn't antivirus software, it's a software based firewall. If you don't have antivirus software, they're free alternatives which come highly recommended, the first is avast from click here and secondly AVG click here

You don't mention any antispyware software which would probably rid you of all these messages, heres a few:

click here

Spybot - click here

Windows Defender - click here

Download and 'update' any of these you choose to run before doing a system scan.

If your still having problems visit click here for specialist advice.

  skidzy 17:28 04 Jun 2006

Rachael you have been some very good advice,here is another program for you to try(Ewido) click here

Also this click here the download is at the bottom of the page.

I am assuming your os is xp,if so and you have your xp disc to hand you may like to try this click here

Though i recommend these,your best bet is to follow beynac's advice first if possible.

Good luck,hope this helps.

  skidzy 17:29 04 Jun 2006

Should have read:
Rachael you have been given some very good advice.....Sorry about the typo error.

  pj123 18:10 04 Jun 2006

Is this a case of "Ransonware".

click here


click here

  Rachel72 19:15 04 Jun 2006

those ransonware websites... they just give you a code... i'm not sure what to do with that code??

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