system mechanic

  Camille 15:28 06 Mar 2003

in effort to speed up my pc (1.1 AMD Duron, 128RAM, W98) I've removed a stack of games. Downloaded System Mechanic to clean up the system. Is this sufficient? System still seems slow - although no longer crashing

(any advice - pls bear in mind i am a novice :))

  JoeC 15:37 06 Mar 2003

System Mechanic for years ( on Win98 and now XP ). It doesn't speed up your machine as such, it cleans up the garbage that would make your machine crash / develop problems. If you pare your system to the bone and run defrag regularly, clean up your Temp Internet files and such, I don't think there is much more you can do.

  eccomputers 15:38 06 Mar 2003

removing games doesnt usually help system speed because games dont usually have programs running in windows background. The only way this will speed up your system is if you were drastically short of hard drive space.

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