System maintenance

  Pooke 22:15 02 Jul 2005

How do you keep your system running sweet, what's the key to it all?

I delete all I can find that I probably don't need and run defrag weekly aswell as ccleaner. Is that enough or could there be more?

  stalion 22:24 02 Jul 2005

what you are already doing should be sufficient and as long as you have good anti-virus and anti spyware software installed that's about it

  stalion 22:28 02 Jul 2005

Also to add don't forget to do a back up

  Pooke 22:29 02 Jul 2005

AVG free, ms antispyware, adaware and spybot s + d.

  stalion 22:31 02 Jul 2005

if you do not have it install this it stops spyware getting on your computer in the first place click here

  powerless 23:23 02 Jul 2005

Knowing what you have on your system, helps.

Knowing what you need and what you don't, helps.

After a 'few' years I know what I need for me to do 'what I do'. I don't have anything else as I don't need it. Some applications have come and gone but the majority have stayed.

...and some new ones have flown in and I've kept them as I've found I 'need' them.

Antivirus, Adaware, S&D and MS Antispyware STAY as they keep me happy knowing that their keeping my system as safe as it can be. I'm not paranoid or anything but a scan once a week reveals no viruses or anything spyware related.

So I can :-)

Being safe online also helps [comes with experience] and I guess [my POV] using common sense with emails, attachments etc helps everything run smoooooothly.

Yes, Yes, Yes, defrag helps as well. Deleting some temp files as well...

...and to top it all of, a system backup once a week.


Many different ways to maintain a computer but how depends on what you do. But I think the best way is through experience of the 'what nots'.

  Taff36 23:29 02 Jul 2005

Patback time - They all need a little configuration so once they`re installed look at the help files. In Spybot look to lock the IE home page & hosts file then check the system internals and delete any dead links. It is important you do a backup in Spybot first though. (You need to go into mode advanced before you can do any of this)

In Spywareblaster do a system snapshot and then in tools do a hosts Safe backup.

  mattyc_92 15:24 04 Jul 2005

Weekly backup using acronis onto other partition (and monthly onto dvd-rws)

weekly scans with norton, ms anti-spyware, ad-aware....

And I have set Diskeeper to "smart secdule" to defrag my sys, which i believe, it does it daily in the background.

  mattyc_92 15:25 04 Jul 2005

oh and search & destroy weekly... forgot about that one... lol

  curlylad 09:49 13 Jul 2005

There are literally hundreds of people out there that could advise you of hundreds of different programmes or software to get or download and every day someone will bring out the new all singing all dancing better alternative.The thing is knowing which are the absolute essentials to start off with , I would suggest that the advice given so far is good and from well known posters on these forums.
I've just had a quick look through the suggestions and one thing I do not see in the list is a firewall , this is a must if you are on the internet and there are as I have already stated several different ones all claiming to do wonderful things and a great many of them do.However as many of the crew on here will tell you , there are some very good free programmes available out there and you could basically defend your entire system with free programmes , one such programme is a firewall called Zone Alarm , you can get this from here click here click the link , click Download & Buy on the left of screen , click the link on the horizontal blue bar at the top of the page which says Zone Alarm this is next to IMsecure Pro , click the red button in centre screen Free Download , click Download FREE Zone Alarm , click the save button and simply follow on screen prompts.

  Belatucadrus 11:36 13 Jul 2005

Weekly defrag is more than you need, unless you're in the habit of loading and removing dozens a programs a week. IMHO Monthly is more than enough.

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