system keeps 'recovering' from serious error

  goalmachine 10:57 12 Jul 2004

Dear All,

Recently installed AOL 8.0 running broadband through the BT voyager modem (mistake!) and ever since my browser keeps crashing after about 15 minuites online, just freezes up and loses connection. Once it has been shut down, the entire system runs very slowly, AOL will not restart and after another 5-7 minuites the computer just turns itself off.

Upon restarting, a message is displayed saying 'system recovered from serious error', and the information provided by microsoft seems to be implying that this is to do with an error in my video display. Running GeForce with the latest drivers, and cannot see any problem with the setup. And why would this crash my browser?

Was infected with the blaster worm a month or so back, but this was removed and AVG can't find anything else. Ad-aware has also removed everything it can find.

If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this, i will be very appreciative indeed.


  chugby 11:07 12 Jul 2004

are you running AMD with VIA/SIS?

  cider country bumpkin 11:20 12 Jul 2004

Had this hassle, on my system it was caused by the optical mouse overloading the USB port at boot up. Got a USB hub powered by a wall wart, plugged mouse into it and hey presto! no more 'serious errors'.

  Spark6 11:35 12 Jul 2004

With apologies to Goalmachine, I'd like to join this discussion and ask Chugby what relevance the AMD/VIA combination has to the serious error reports.

I have recently re-installed XP on a formatted disc, VIA VT8367-8235 board with AMD Athlon XP processor, and I am experiencing similar problems to Goalmachine.

Serious Error message appears, or the blue screen, when I'm surfing.

Any and all advice/assistance appreciated.


  goalmachine 11:39 12 Jul 2004

Why would the USB Hub make a differance when running broadband rather than dial up? Just going to try the aol connection check up. So you may never hear from me again!

  chugby 11:42 12 Jul 2004

have a speedtouch usb modem, had similar crashing and had to get updated drivers.
USB modems also can have power problems with
AMD/VIA, powered hub helped others on this site
regarding this.

  chugby 11:51 12 Jul 2004

...see also spuds thread which gives a bit more info on USB/AMD problem. click here

  spuds 11:57 12 Jul 2004

Have you tried technical support via click here

I recently had a major modem problem, which resulted in my ISP replacing the original modem for another make/model. Apparently the original supplied modem had a problem with a 'known' fault via my motherboard chipset and usb supply!.

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