System information volume fields are eating my partitioned drive

  Dutchy11 12:45 04 Apr 2012

I have Vista Home Premium.

I have a separate partition (D:) which appears full. The files I have put their myself total 50% of the 120Gb partition. The other 50% I see from Treesize is about 30 files totalling 60Gb.

A typical file looks like this

D:\System Volume Information{db37075f-6b4f-11e1-b156-afc12c875f87}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752}

I have turned off system restore and rebooted -as most answers suggest that these files are originating from system restore and would delete following system restore being turned off - but this has not effected the files at all.

Any idea where these files are coming from? I cannot access these files nor take ownership - so cannot manually delete.

I really need this space - I'm reaching the point of saving critical files to external drive and re-installing the O/s but want to avoid this if possible.

Any suggestions?

  northumbria61 13:10 04 Apr 2012

To start with try the following:-

Download and Run CCleaner from here to clean out all of the temp.(rubbish) files. enter link description here

Also download and install Smart Defrag (Free) enter link description here

You will see a noticeable difference.

  robin_x 13:29 04 Apr 2012

Ccleaner can delete old Restore points too.

Or Start Search Create a Restore Point to get Configuration options.

Or you could perhaps delete SysVolInfo with MoveOnBoot.

Or you can mess with permissions for a manual delete (or just to Explore) with cacls and a Command Prompt.

See here

  robin_x 13:30 04 Apr 2012

Note: System Volume Information is automatically recreated when deleted.

  Dutchy11 13:36 04 Apr 2012

ok. I've got CCleaner already - and ran it - which cleaned up 1 Gb - but all from the C: drive. The System Volume Information folder and files all reside on the D: partition.

  Dutchy11 13:40 04 Apr 2012


"Note: System Volume Information is automatically recreated when deleted."

So deleting these files wont solve the problem. What's creating them? Why such huge files? One file is 10Gb on it's own and taking up more space than the system folder on the c: drive!

  robin_x 13:46 04 Apr 2012

Or Start Search Create a Restore Point to get Configuration options.

You can set an upper limit per partition. I have 4GB for a 250GB drive

Restore Points have to be stored somewhere (unless you switch it off - not recommended)

  northumbria61 13:49 04 Apr 2012

You can gain access to the System Volume Information Folder enter link description here

  Dutchy11 13:53 04 Apr 2012

I'm not sure these are a result of system restore. I have turned off system restore - and the config options suggest they are created on the c: drive in any case.

  Dutchy11 15:24 04 Apr 2012

I take it all back.

I noticed that even though system restore was off, the D drive was still flagged as having a restore point. Turning SR back on for that drive, rebooting,and then turning off again and rebooting cleared the restore points for that drive.

I'm now turning back on for the c: drive and see what occurs!

Thanks guys

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