System Information missing?

Windows XP. When I select System Information in System Tools, it opens up the Help screen. If I enter msinfo32.exe in run, it also opens up the Help screen. Have I got a screw loose?

  MichelleC 14:27 23 Dec 2003

Maybe running sfc /scanow will replace a dodgy file.

  bremner 14:27 23 Dec 2003


So does mine!!

  Big Elf 14:34 23 Dec 2003

Mine opens a 'System Information' window with 'System Summary' as the main heading. Task Manager shows that the HelpCtr.exe process is running. It's the same if I open it from 'Run'.

There is the Help Centre symbol shown on the window.

  Big Elf 14:38 23 Dec 2003

It also shows 'HelpSvc.exe' as a running process but doesn't show that 'msinfo32.exe' is running.

I've applied all the Critical Updates and wonder if that makes a difference.

I don't remember it ever working :-(

I'll go off line and check my files.

  bremner 14:43 23 Dec 2003

Just run SFC /scannow and it has made no difference to mine.

  Big Elf 14:45 23 Dec 2003

I've just noticed that I haven't made it clear that only the System Info window opens and not the Help screen as well on my XP Home system.

  bremner 14:48 23 Dec 2003

Your System Information if you right click and choose properties what does the short cut point to?

  Big Elf 14:54 23 Dec 2003

Target "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\msinfo\msinfo32.exe"

Start in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo"

  bremner 14:56 23 Dec 2003

Thats exactly what mine says and it opens the Help as Graham's does.

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