System Idle process

  dp600 12:54 09 Feb 2008

This seems to be using around 50 of my cpu and 28k of memory.Can someone please explain what it is.
Thank You.

  Technotiger 12:56 09 Feb 2008

It is quite normal for System Idle Process to use approx 95-98% of CPU, this does not affect the running of the PC.

  dp600 12:57 09 Feb 2008

Thank You.

  Technotiger 13:01 09 Feb 2008

In computing, an idle task is a special task loaded by the OS scheduler only when there is nothing for the computer to do. The idle task can be hard-coded into the scheduler, or it can be implemented as a separate task with the lowest possible priority. An advantage of the latter approach is that programs monitoring the system status can see the idle task along with all other tasks; an example is Windows NT's System idle process.

On modern processors, where a HLT (halt) instruction saves significant amounts of power and heat, the idle task almost always consists of a loop which repeatedly executes HLT instructions. However, on older computers, where temperature dissipation was almost constant with CPU load, the program would often do useless things, like blink the front panel lights in an amusing or recognizable pattern.

Often, this had the effect on timeshared systems that if one was lucky enough to have access to the computer room, one could glance at the front panel lights to see how busy the machine was. If the idle pattern very rarely showed up, the machine was heavily loaded, and one might go for lunch before waiting for a job to finish; on the other hand, if it was clearly blinking the idle pattern, one might run the job immediately.

In other words, if the idle task is "chewing up 95 percent of the processor's cycles", that's normal: it simply means your CPU isn't working very hard on anything at the moment.

  birdface 14:56 09 Feb 2008

If only using 50% something else must be using the rest,So I would find out what is using the rest as it may be slowing your computer down.

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