system hard drive partitions

  liquidstool 08:15 05 Jan 2008


i recently purchased a new pc and had the c drive partitioned into 2x125gb. However i have found that i'm rapidly running out of space on the c partition an rather than wipe the entire drive am wondering if i can use vista's partion manager to erase the 2nd (D) partion without causing myself any headaches - is that possible?


  BurrWalnut 09:20 05 Jan 2008

The Vista Shrink/Extend feature works well but I don't know the outcome if you also have a hidden recovery partition. You don't have to erase the D partition, just shrink it and extend the C drive.

Do you have a Vista DVD that will allow you to reinstall should the recovery partition be lost?

  liquidstool 09:46 05 Jan 2008

never heard of a hidden recovery partition, is there anyway to tell?

i do have the vista disc but it's a monumental pain in the arse to reinstall everything, and wasn't there some sort of problem reinstalling vista? microsoft saying no or something?


  Diemmess 09:46 05 Jan 2008

It would help to know why you -
"had the c drive partitioned into 2x125gb"

More particularly what is on the second partition (Drive D:)?

It seems that Vista and all your applications are on C:, that's fine, but so is all your data including any documents, photos, music etc?
If so, this makes a huge amount to back up as well as ever less space on your main drive.

If you are reorganising things you ought to be able to manage with 25Gb for C: provided you move all your data off that partition.

Long term, backups are better saved away from the 1st HD.
You would need a system drive Backup as well as another of all your data separately, though for data you can use some freeware like EZBackitup

  liquidstool 09:52 05 Jan 2008

had drive partioned into 2 when i had pc built, didn't want to spend a load of cash on a second 500gb drive, but equally didn't want to spend a bit of cash on a 120gb, so went for something between the 2, with all the programs and games i have installed i'm upto about 80gb on the c drive now. i never keep any data on the master drive, all that is kept on the slave drive. i cant remember ever just using 25gb for a c drive!, the second partition is really just for shifting things abouut, so it's not life or death if i lose the partition.

  Diemmess 10:15 05 Jan 2008

Facts, correct me if I'm wrong....
You have one Hard Disk fitted in your PC
This is partitioned into two drives C: and D:

You have Vista and all your applications on C:?
You say you keep all data on the SLAVE drive!

Is this Drive D: which is still part of the master drive or another HD you haven't mentioned?

You say "the second partition is really just for shifting things about"
If this is Drive D:, then it is where I say you should be keeping all your data

  liquidstool 11:26 05 Jan 2008


2 hard drives.

1 master, partioned into 2x125gb C + D. this is master

slave drive 500gb partioned into 3, e f g

data IS kept on slave drive, e f g

partion d is kept for moving things about

all i wanna do is lose partion d and make the master drive back into a 250gb.

can i do it without reformatting the master drive?


  Diemmess 12:14 05 Jan 2008

Thanks, now I understand.
In my (limited) experience, Symantec's Partition Magic will do this for you.
click here
Not only for now, but in the future.

It is a very accurate way of playing with partitions.
All it needs is a spot of commonsense and following the prompts.
There are work arounds, but PQM is dedicated to just this sort of problem, and at a reasonable price.

  Quiller. 17:54 05 Jan 2008

Partition Magic 8.0 will not operate in Vista, from your link.

Acronis disk director 11 will merge and shape any partition, even Vista.

  liquidstool 19:02 05 Jan 2008

well, i didnt want to spend that much, iv'e just used vista's partition thingy, just formatted the d partition then expanded the c partition, no probs at all!

thx for ur input tho ;)

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