System hangs on shut down (sometimes!)

  fudge 20:22 14 Feb 2005

When Windows ME is shutting down, sometimes it closes OK, sometimes it's very slow and sometimes it just hangs and I have to power off to shut down.

The problem only started fairly recently and I suspect it is something cleared out by Adaware, Spybot or something similar. I've tried closing all running programmes before shut down but that doesn't seem to help. As it's intermittent it's hard to tell. The only thing I've noticed is the longer the computer is running before shut down the more likely it is to happen (but not always).

Is there any way of finding out what's causing this?

  woodchip 20:26 14 Feb 2005

This is a Program that Windows is finding hard to shut down. You need to find the Program. Try MSCONFIG to remove ticks in startup tab

  fudge 20:38 14 Feb 2005

I've already reduced the start up programmes to a minimum and the only ones that are running are those that have been running unaltered for ages, (as far as I am aware!).

The only exception is Avast antivirus, which automatically updates itself regularly, so I suppose it could be that. Unlikely though as I have shut down with it inactivated and same problem happens.

  woodchip 23:34 14 Feb 2005

Try removing all exept Explorer and System tray

  Jackcoms 07:30 15 Feb 2005

This may help. It should take about 8-10 seconds for Windows to close after the fix:

1- Start/Run and type Regedit
3- Click on “Control folder”
4- Select “Wait to kill service timeout”
5- Right click and select “Modify”
6- Set to a lower value than 2000
7- A setting of 200 will be sufficient

Normal setting is 2000 but can safely be reduced to 200 for a quick shutdown. In one or two systems that I've seen, including my own, an extra nought was added on to make it 20000. Not sure why this happens but when it does it leads to a very long shutdown time.

  fudge 08:42 15 Feb 2005

Woodchip, I've tried that and it's made no diference.

Jackcoms, I don't have a 'Control Folder' within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CURRENT CONTROL SET/CONTROL. I've checked all folders and none contain that file. Should it definitely be there or is it under another name in Win ME?

  Jackcoms 08:48 15 Feb 2005

Whoops. Sorry. My instructions refer to XP.

I'm not familiar with ME.

  SURVEY 10:05 15 Feb 2005

I used your propsal for setting a lower value than 2000. Mine was set on 20000. When I just reduced it to 2000 on reboot the screen display was completely upset with vertical stripes pus blocks of colour. I did manage to find Regedit again and amend back to 20000 and all is now restored OK. Are you sure of your 2000 figure or less? If so why would my computer act as it did. I have an AMD 3500 64 chip.

  Jackcoms 10:11 15 Feb 2005

Yes, I'm absolutely sure of my figure. I've used it on my machine with no problems and I've provided the same advice in this Forum in the past and received POSITIVE feedback!

Sorry, I'm no expert with regard to different chipsets. I think that it may be a case of suck it and see. :-)

  Androcles 10:46 15 Feb 2005

You could also have a look here fudge:-click here
Windows ME Shutdown Troubleshooter it might help.Regards.

  fudge 17:54 15 Feb 2005

Thanks for that - I will work my way through it.

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