system hang screen blacks then works

  danlane 20:03 19 Apr 2005

Okay. The screen will freeze, no mouse movement, nothing working. The screen then blacks out for a second or two, and then I can carry on working. (Ooo, it did it just then!) Sometimes there is a redraw problem. I have tested with maxtor 64(?) etc, scandisk, etc. Manufacturer found nothing. Mystery. But perhaps corrupted C: drive?

using xp home with athlon 2600+. Fill in the rest as needed as we go

  Diodorus Siculus 20:13 19 Apr 2005

Does it happen in safe-mode?

What about graphics - what card do you have and do you need to update drivers?

Try this:




which runs the DirectX diagnostics.

  danlane 20:42 19 Apr 2005

thanks ds, the graphics is nvidia geforce fx 5200 and I did update the driver.

I ran the directx diagnostic and no problems found. The fast moving box moved a bit jittery, though.

I'll check safe mode and report back


  danlane 22:48 19 Apr 2005

have run in safe mode for quite a while and the problem did not occur.

Since opening up normally the screen has already blanked once. It lasts about a second.

  woodchip 22:54 19 Apr 2005

Try new drivers for Graphics

  danlane 23:14 19 Apr 2005

will try that in the morning, thanks

  danlane 17:29 20 Apr 2005

installed new graphics driver and so far so good. No hangs, but there were a couple of black flashes. Hopefully this won't be cumulative.

Thanks ds and woodchip.

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