System hang-up

  belli 12:05 05 Jul 2006

I'm running Windows XP Media edition on a Phillips Freevents LS1400. Just lately everything has slowed down (particularly startup), and I'm experiencing system "freezes" particularly whilst connected to the web via Broadband at 512KPS. After about 3 mins the system reboots itself. I have checked for malicious spyware etc and also have Norton antivirus installed. Would a hard disk reformat clear this or does anyone know what might be wrong & how I can fix it?

  Chris-347369 12:08 05 Jul 2006

Right click on My Computer and select properties.

Go to the advanced tab and select the settings button under Start Up and Recovery.

There is a tick box that says Automatically Restart. Make sure this is not ticked. It means that if your computer comes across a critical error it will actually display the error message and not just restart. If it does display an error message next time you'll be able to post it.

  belli 12:36 05 Jul 2006

PK Pyroxide, thanks for your reply, have carried out your suggestion and await the next "hang-up". So far PC is behaving normally, Sods law 'aint it?

  Chris-347369 12:51 05 Jul 2006

Something else to try:

Go to Start > run and then type: msconfig.

Go to the startup tab and it will list all the programs that load when your computer does. Untick the ones you don't need and it should help speed up startup times

  belli 12:53 05 Jul 2006

Pyroxide, got another hang-up just after I sent last note. despite "unchecking" the automatic start up box in "My Computer", system rebooted anyway. Will check out your last suggestion under msconfig

  belli 13:06 05 Jul 2006

Under msconfig, how many entries can I safely delete? Some are just numbers and mean nothing to me. If I used the "disable all" button would this stop my internet/broadband settings?

  VoG II 13:08 05 Jul 2006
  Terry Brown 14:53 05 Jul 2006

If you use MSCONFIG, to disable all, make sure that you re-tick the antivirus & firewall boxes, before connecting to the internet.

It is possible that you have a trogan on your system that is 'stealing' your resources. Run a anti-virus program to check

  belli 14:24 06 Jul 2006

Thanks to Terty Brown, VoG, & Pyroxide for your suggestions. Ran "Stopsign" virus scanner which found & deleted 4 infected files. Have also deleted most of the startup files and all seems to be well again. Fingers crossed!

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