System freezes when using new USB2 External HD

  Charis 13:33 06 Jan 2005

My system is: AMD 1.3 XP SP2
I have a new Maxtor 160 GB external USB2 HD.
I have installed a new Intex/NEC PCI - USB card (which my USB2 scanner works with fine)on my PC, but when I connect the HD and try to use it the cursor freezes.
I have tried the HD on another computer and it works fine.
I have been in contact with Maxtor and they have been talking about the PCI card drivers etc, but in device manager everything seems to be ok and latest drivers installed.
Could anyone give me aome helpful advice?
Many thanks!

  xania 13:41 06 Jan 2005

Does the Hard Disk work any better if you disconnect the scanner?

  Woody62 13:43 06 Jan 2005

Hi there,
I have not been using the HD with the Scanner, therefore the only usb2 lead into the PC is from the external HD

  xania 12:55 07 Jan 2005

The only thing I can think of is that somme devices work better on the USB2 ports on the mobo rather than those on a PCI card. So try connection the HD to one of those ports. Otherwise, not sure. YOu may find that the USB support at click here can come up with a solution for you.

  Woody62 14:36 07 Jan 2005

Dear Xania,
Thanks for that, but I have tried all the ports, without success, I have now put a post up on the usbman site, which you kindly recommended, I let you know if I get anywhere!

  xania 19:46 09 Jan 2005

You can rule out the PCI card and the HD itself - the problem clearly lies in the communication between the HD and the PC. Did you use the same connector when you connected the HD to the other PC?

  Woody62 20:00 09 Jan 2005

Yes, I did use the same usb2 cable.

  Woody62 20:06 09 Jan 2005

Someone has mentioned that it could be ACPI and/or IRQ related.

My PC details are:
AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 1.3 GHz
ASUS - 42302e31 Award Medallion BIOS v6.0 Award Plug and Play BIOS Extension

But I am out of my depth with that (although I have checked if there are any IRQ conflicts in the device manager, and there doesn't seem to be).

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