System freezes when accessing particular folder

  Bailey08787 13:52 22 Feb 2007


I have a folder on my hard drive that contains about 60gb of avi. clips.

For the last few weeks, whenever I try to access this folder, my system totally freezes (and stays that way until I reset).

I've tried starting XP in safe mode, but to no avail.

I've also tried running a virus scan on the folder, but that also resulted in freezing.

When I open the folder and it begins to list the avi. files, is gets to about the fifth/sixth file and then freezes.

Any ideas on a solution?

(I do not want to lose these avi. files)


  Bailey08787 16:48 22 Feb 2007

AMD 64 3500+
6600GT graphics card
1.5gb ram

  Bailey08787 12:25 23 Feb 2007

er, bump

  skeletal 14:21 23 Feb 2007

I had something like this years ago. IIRC it was Norton AV that didn’t like a file (it was not a virus, it just didn’t like it) and so it hung when it reached it.

Things will have moved on, but the fault may be similar e.g., something is getting stuck with the one file.

Try moving yours files, one by one, into a new folder until you are only left with the troublesome one. You could then delete it, or try to open and repair etc.


  Bailey08787 14:38 23 Feb 2007

If only I had the ability to try such a manouevre. When ever I click into the folder, it freezes the whole system. So no opportunity to start moving files around.

The only thing I could try would be to copy and paste the folder on to another drive - but I don't have 60gb spare on another drive.

  skeletal 16:36 23 Feb 2007

Oh, right, I see.

OK, how about disconnecting from the internet and disabling your anti virus software.

A bit of a risk since the file it is getting stuck on could be a virus.

Or, do you have a second computer on a network? And scan the troublesome file from the other computer?


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