System freezes following MS updates

  Craig22 14:38 05 Mar 2004

I'm running Windows ME and recently downloaded about 50 updates from Microsoft (I had never updated before). I also downloaded Internet Explorer 6 and installed free AVG antivirus and Zonealarm firewall.

I now have constant problems with the machine freezing - when I go into Task Manager, there always seems to be one or more systems 'not responding'. I often can't open e-mail attachments and 9 times out of 10, the PC doesn't shut down when it should.

I have tried virus checks, scandisk, defrag, uninstalling Zonealarm but it doesn't seem to improve.

Often, task manager shows that MSGSRV32 is not responding and I'm wondering if it's the downloads from Microsoft that have caused the problem.

Any ideas gratefully received.

  nick_j007 14:44 05 Mar 2004

How about doing a restore to before all the above and slowly introduce each aspect one by one?
Perhaps then you might see what the conflict is?
Why no updates and then 50 at once?! :-)

Trouble shoot your not responding prog. here maybe:
click here=

Good luck and keep us up to date...


  Terry Brown 15:09 05 Mar 2004

It sounds as you have too many programs running at the same time. You have a couple of choices. 1...Upgrade your memory /Motherboard / Cpu
2...Goto RUN , type in MSCONFIG.Onthe right side you wil see startup, click that to show all your start up items (you may be suprised).Click the bottom box to de-select all, then either:- Turn off your modem or re-select your virus checker.
Restart your system.(If virus checker if off--DO NOT turn on modem) It should run faster.The next step is trial and error. Go back to msconfig and add items one at a time until your system runs OK for you.

  valex008 15:17 05 Mar 2004

check see if msn messenger is installed twice on your comp if it updated i bet you are running both and it wont shut both down tell out look not to link with messenger its doing it with the older one you need to remove !

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