System Freezers After Long Periods on Screen Saver

  User-EB64AA17-F5D6-4BE6-9878FAE79A68F252 14:14 05 Jan 2003

I have an HP Pentium II system with 320 Mb RAM and two 80 Gb hard drives (one drive is used as a primary; the other is used as a destination drive for backups). I run Windows 98. Prior to our local cable company installing an Ethernet card for high-speed Internet access, my system worked quite well. Basically, they installed a cheap card; although it's plug and play compatible, the system didn't want to accept it, but it did eventually. While on the Internet, my system crashed entirely. When I rebooted, I got the "black screen of death," i.e., "No Operating System Found." I booted with a startup disk, restored all my data from my second drive, and restarted my system. When I was on the phone with the cable company's tech support, he restored a previous (month old) version of my registry file and suggested that I install a new Ethernet card, which I did. My system runs well now as long as I'm actively using it. It slows/freezes during long periods of inactivity on screen saver (like overnight). I've already tried (1) Checking my Device Manager (2) Ran Norton Utilities and corrected invalid links (3) Changed screen savers (4) Reinstalled Windows 98 (4) Checked my TSR programs for potential problems. Thoughts?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:24 05 Jan 2003

Turn pc off at night or dissable screensaver.

  Andsome 14:34 05 Jan 2003

I have had the odd problem with the computer freezing after a period with a screensaver on. I eventually made my own screensaver with Ophoto, using my own photo's of my granddaughter. After a few weeks I had the old trouble again, so I disabled it. I don't think that this is an uncommon problem. Some will run screensavers for years, others will get problems. I simply have my computer set up now for the monitor to switch off after fifteen minutes. I have had no problems at all since switching off the screensaver several months ago.

  BRYNIT 14:39 05 Jan 2003

I found a similar problem that was caused via the power management it would power down but on Occasions would not power up.
In control Panel go into power management if you have systen standby to switch of at a set time change it to never and the same with turn off the hard disk. You can still leave the screen saver on and the set up for turning of the moniter. Hope this helps.

  DieSse 14:43 05 Jan 2003

There's lots of potential causes - the most likely is actually the power saving mode or a conflict between it, and the screen saver. In some cases (intel i810/815 chipsets - maybe others too) - a chipset display driver update can cure it (see the intel site)

A standard fix is to switch off the power saving modes (Control panel - Power - put everything to never turn off).

  siarad 14:51 05 Jan 2003

This maybe a little known bug in Windows 98 that causes the
computer to hang when it is in suspend. This is caused,
believe it or not, when a drive letter is lower case in the
SYSTEM.INI. You can fix this by doing the following:

- Select Start > Run and type msconfig in the Open: box, then press OK

- Select the System.ini tab

- Click the + sign next to the (386Enh) section to expand it

- Select the line PagingFile= and click Edit

- Change the lowercase drive letter to uppercase

- Click Apply and OK

- When prompted, restart your computer

Some great ideas. Thanks for your ideas. I've checked the Power Management settings and verified that the hard drives and monitor are set for "always on." I never use Standby, which I've always had trouble with since it became available. I was told by a technician a few years ago that I undoubtedly have a software conflict with one of my TSR applications.

I tried switching to a screen saver bundled with Windows 98, but no success. I will try disabling the screen saver altogether and use the Power Management settings to power down my monitor after 30 minutes of no use. If anyone thinks of anything else, I appreciate it!


  DieSse 18:14 05 Jan 2003

I seem to remember that some versions of Norton, and some screen savers don't mix - have a browse around the Symantec site for info on this.

Good catch. Some time ago, I had to disable Norton Protect because it was interfering with starting Windows 98. Until I reinstalled Windows 98, I also had problems starting some Norton Utilities programs, which I assumed was a Windows program. I currently have Norton CrashGuard and Norton Utilities (4.0)installed on my system, and CrashGuard loads with Windows as a TSR application. If I continue to experience "hangs" of my system after several hours of non-use, I'll try disabling CrashGuard or uninstalling both Norton applications. I currently use MacAfee virus protection, so I don't have to worry about Norton Virus software. Thanks for the reply. Until I registered with PC Advisor, I thought I was the only one that experienced computer problems. Looks like Bill Gates got wealthy in spite of a lot of Windows problems.

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