system freeze up- is this heat related??

  hinchie Y2K III 09:49 09 Mar 2004

Hi all,

i have a HP pavilion with amd athlon 1.3ghz processor. 256mb ram 40gb hdd and two fans running on win xp pro

The system from time to time freezes and won't respond.

anyone think it is heat related or something else?

  hinchie Y2K III 10:10 09 Mar 2004


  medicine hat 10:35 09 Mar 2004

Doubtful, but you could use MBM click here to check the temperatures.

You could also try running your system with the side off to see if that stops it freezing.

  woodchip 10:48 09 Mar 2004

It could be try it with the side off and a desktop fan running, it could also be Software or a faulty PSU

  hinchie Y2K III 10:52 09 Mar 2004

i have got it running with the side of now and it has not freezed yet.
i have downloaded that mbm and am just about to try it

  hinchie Y2K III 11:26 09 Mar 2004

the program is nonsense. it is reporting the cpu temp at 127 centigrades and the case at minus 127 centigrades

any other ideas

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:19 09 Mar 2004

Lol must be heat then at those temps you could fry an egg on it lol,Try a couple of case fans not expensive and can lower the temp no end,if that fails another cpu fan will cost about 12 quid for a massive thing that would cool my bedroom lol.


  colh 12:41 09 Mar 2004

My problem - which appears to have been the same as yours - is now sorted! Here is the chain of events: Windows 98 boot disc used to re-format hard drive. Windows XP installed, alongwith all updates etc. Latest version of Stinger installed, which found blaster worm. virus erradicated but windows still locking when connected to internet, but only doing so when I wasn't actually at the terminal eg on Friday afternoon/evening I was on the computer for three hours, but as soon as I left it runninh unattended it froze within two minutes. I have solved this problem by playing music from the hard-drive in the background. Machine now runs, unattended, with no freezes, as it is always active. Hope this helps

  Tog 13:00 09 Mar 2004

Before using MBM or any other temperature monitoring programme, check with the author's website for a list of chipsets/motherboards that it is compatible with. There are a lot of different temperature monitoring chips fitted to mobos nowadays, if you use the wrong programme, you get nonsense results.

  hector 911 14:58 09 Mar 2004

I`ve seen this before, the way I got round it was go to display properties, advanced, click tab "trouble shooting" and untick box, "write combining" you won`t notice a difference, but this has cured problems on PCs with freeze problems.

give it a try, you can always change this option back.

  hinchie Y2K III 11:05 10 Mar 2004

hi hector

it stills freezes from time to time not as often though

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