System File Checker - location of files?

  PA28 22:20 05 Mar 2003

Having a bit of a problem with SFC under W98SE. After my youngest had installed a new trainsim, started to get some strange behaviours. Ran SFC which came up with no less than 28 corrupted system files. Uninstalled my youngest's contributions, but the (possibly) corrupted files remained.

I have restored the Win98 files from installation disks, but still have a further 16 files which I cannot find the source of - evidently they came from program installations. Most are .dll, though there are a couple of .ocx (?) and even a couple of .sys files (k98.sys and ksse.sys). Right clicking and selecting properties in Explorer gives a few clues, but my search has not yet been successful. The offending files are only present on c: drive in their (SFC reported) corrupted form.

Any ideas on how to trace these files please (I can post a complete list if anyone's interested).

  MAJ 22:30 05 Mar 2003

Post a list of the files, see if we can trace them, PA28. ksse.sys is part of DirectX.

  MAJ 22:35 05 Mar 2003

You mentioned k98.sys, I can't find that one but there is a ks98.sys in DirectX also.

  woodchip 22:46 05 Mar 2003

He as given you a real problem that can be solved but it will be hard over the internet to sort all those probs you have it the nail on the head when you said they where program files not Win98 you could try the different software and see what work's does not work, but the best way would be to uninstall programs one at a time from add/remove programs then re-install

  PA28 08:40 06 Mar 2003

Thanks for your ideas. I've toyed with the idea of deleting the lot (as they're reported as corrupted anyway!) and waiting for each program to crash in turn - but decided that this is too dangerous. I have also wondered if SFC is being entirely honest with me!

So, if I am working on MAJ's idea, here is a list of the offending files:

CTREGRUN.EXE LFDIC7ON.DLL DVCODEC.DLL IGSD400.DLL IR41_qc.dll IffpxION.dll HDK3ANIM.DLL Ifawd12n.dll Ifclp12n.dll mvmg20n.dll WING32.dll (thought this was associated with Logitech Wingman but no file found on installation disk) dinput.dll Navapgui.dll MC132.ocx MCipionr.drv hhctrlui.dll ckexifio.dll PS4TwainDevice.dll k98.sys and ksse.sys.

Thanks for the tip about the last two .sys files - I'll try reinstalling DX8.1 and see what happens there. As far as the remainder are concerned I suspect that a few may lie with Photosuite 4, but a removal and reinstall recently made no difference. I have no Twain devices playing up in any package!!

Norton shows clean and Antivirus also checks clean. Norton has had a problem in optimisation, and (although I'm a great believer in Norton) I'm wodering whether this has something to do with the problem. I ran Scandisk and optimised the swapfile at the same time as defragmenting - however the next time I ran System Optimisation (the same evening) it reported that the swapfile was not optimised and defragged the drive again in a different way. First time that this has happened in years of using Norton, so something may be throwing it. Thanks for all your help.

  User-312386 08:51 06 Mar 2003

files are normaly stored in 98se in the cabinet files which are located in



  ©®@$ђ 09:28 06 Mar 2003

ctregrun.exe-Creative Labs registration reminder

dvcodec.dll-could be part of some video software, like mgi

ir41_qc.dll-Indeo Video compressor lib., install from

HDK3ANIM.DLL-can be found here click here

mvmg20n.dll -could be from MS Golf Lite

WING32.dll -WinG High-Performance Graphics ibrary, v. 1.0
click here==

dinput.dll-Microsoft DirectInput, v. click here

Navapgui.dll is part of nortona antivirus

MC132.ocx - click here

MCipionr.drv -pioneer laser disc

hhctrlui.dll came with IE5.5

click here

PS4TwainDevice.dll -Roxio Software

hope this helps

  MAJ 09:37 06 Mar 2003

Hi PA28, most of them seem to be for games or software I'm not familiar with, maybe you can recognise some from the list below. Some are also part of DirectX, which might need updated anyway.

CTREGRUN.EXE = Creative Labs registration reminder. Not required

LFDIC7ON.DLL = Not found

DVCODEC.DLL = Seems to be part of MGI software.

IGSD400.DLL = not found

IR41_qc.dll = Probably Quicktime

IffpxION.dll = not found

HDK3ANIM.DLL = BadgeBuilder, part of printer driver??

Ifawd12n.dll = not found

Ifclp12n.dll = not found

mvmg20n.dll = MS Golf

WING32.dll = Possibly for a game

dinput.dll = DirectX, I think.

Navapgui.dll = Norton Anti-virus

MC132.ocx = for a game

MCipionr.drv = possibly a game

hhctrlui.dll = Magnet software

ckexifio.dll = not found

PS4TwainDevice.dll = twain driver for a scanner probably.

  PA28 11:37 06 Mar 2003

Hey, thanks guys. You have been working hard for me. Much appreciated. Will have a try at lunchtime and post back with results.

  Patr100 11:45 06 Mar 2003

Are they reported as corrupted or simply changed? Sometimes replacing a file from the Windows CD with an earlier one is not always the best option. Make sure you check your SFC settings which distinguish between the two. Is the Train Sim still causing a problem?

  MichelleC 11:52 06 Mar 2003

There used to be a couple of sites you could get any dll's from, but they seem to have gone.

Try reinstalling 98 over itself, but b/up data just in case.

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