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  Completealias 19:11 25 Mar 2005

Hi there

The pc's been playing up a bit recently windows explorer crashing out + ramdom drops from the internet.

I have checked for viruses using avast and run ad-aware se, ms antispyware and a2. All came back clean and I have cleaned out all the temp files etc.

I ran the system file checker which came up saying that "some required dll files where missing" and asked for the xp cd which I placed in and ran through.

Even though I have done this everytime I run the SFC it comes up with the same message. I ended up repairing xp and put all the updates back on including sp2. All seemed ok for a bit now windows explorer is crashing out again and the SFC is coming up with the same message no matter how many times I let it run through.

Any Ideas


  rawprawn 19:33 25 Mar 2005

I think you must be using XP SP2, if that is the case if you want to run sfc you need to slipstreaclick here but you could just try reinstalling IE first. Add or remove programs/Add or remove windows components Highlight and tick IE click next and you will probably need your XP disc.

  woodchip 19:51 25 Mar 2005

Try this click here

  woodchip 19:52 25 Mar 2005

It's pobably a Windows IE update that's messed it up

  Completealias 21:32 25 Mar 2005

Will give the IE repair a try first and have been meaning to make a slipstreamed xp disk so will get round to that and give that a try also.

  Completealias 18:39 26 Mar 2005

Ok have try repairing IE with the method that woodchip posted. I then ran the SFC to see if this had sorted the problem and nope still the same message "missing dll files required"

So I made a slipstreamed xp cd and ran the sfc through using this disk and still the same problem have run it through a few times now and each time I get the same message.

This is all the hotfixes that I've got installed don't know if anyone knows if one of them could b causing the problem



Any other ideas


  woodchip 21:45 26 Mar 2005

What dll's write em down

  Completealias 03:44 27 Mar 2005

Doesn't say just asks for the xp disk if you click on more information it comes up saying why it needs the xp disk and if you click cancel it just asks if you want to skip this file.

Not much help I know!!!!!!!!

  Completealias 01:05 29 Mar 2005

Any other ideas any1, the pc's not giving me any jip at the mo but am a bit paranoid as to why I keep getting this message


  woodchip 15:06 29 Mar 2005

The files that are missing may be as a result of removing a program or two

  Completealias 11:40 28 Apr 2005

An update after living with the situtation for a bit the pc became unstable so have just spent the last 6hrs or so backing up formating and reinstalling everything.

Thought I'd run the sfc through to see if the message was gone and nope its still coming up so am begining to think that it is probably a windows update that has cause the problem as woodchip suggested, think i will try taking off the updates one at a time and seeing if I can find the culprit otherwise guess i'm going to have to live with it!

At least everything seems stable at the mo!

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