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  Jim H 18:08 10 Aug 2003

Hi everyone

I noticed a minute ago that my sons computer case was very hot. Far hotter than the other computers. Restarted and went into bios - the "System Fan" speed is 0 RPM.

Any suggestions for replacements or is there any other suggestions?



  Forum Editor 18:18 10 Aug 2003

are all a good deal warmer than usual - the temperature in my part of London has reached 37C this afternoon, so that's hardly surprising. Have you checked that the fan isn't running? It's easy enough to place your hand on the fan outlet at the back of the case and see. Then you can remove the case side and check the processor fan, and the one on the graphics chip if there is one (a fan).

If the PSU (Power Supply Unit) fan has stopped you'll certainly know about it, and if the CPU fan stops the processor will overheat very rapidly. Many motherboards shut the system down automatically in such circumstances.

Either way, if a fan has stopped you'll need to replace it before the machine is used again.

  Stuartli 18:23 10 Aug 2003

I had a similar problem with the graphics card fan recently - turned out that the power connection had become slightly loose.

Tightening it did the trick, so it might be worth checking your own power connections to the system fan.

It's also worth occasionally taking a fan out, removing the sticky cover over the ball bearings and inserting a small amount of lubricant; then replace the sticky cover. It also helps to quieten a noisy fan.

I use Slick50's aerosol equivalent of its car product - it lubricates superbly yet is "dry" and is surprisingly inexpensive.

Also handy for car door and boot locks, accelerator return springs etc...:-)

  getafix 18:59 10 Aug 2003

If you have a little experience, I suggest that you change the fan. A usual, low-cost power supply uses a sleeve-bearing fan, which often does not last long. When I build a machine that has to run continuously, i usually replace the fan with a good ball-bearing one (I prefer those from "Papst" - unfortunately, they are expensive). I connect the fan directly to 12 V, bypassing the "thermal regulation".

  plankton 19:05 10 Aug 2003

Most people think that just by replacing internal fans it can sort the problem. If the temperature is over 85F you need some other way to move the air in the room as well. I've got an ordinary "office " fan to try to keep it down. (It's worked so far).

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