system failure Big time

  rupie 10:54 10 Sep 2006

have had 1 of those problems where the computer restarts itself. It normally happens 2 or 3 times when I am starting up, sometimes it is when windows has almost finished starting, even the desktop is up, then it takes afew more attemps but will reboot, earlier in the startup process. when it is stable I have no problems, i can reboot as many times as I like but if I shut down and do not use it for afew days the same problem happens. I have un installed everything, and disconnected everything and still the same fault. This is tricky because the pc will be fine if it is warm( This suggests hardware)In the end I had nothing left on the system and so I decided to re install XP. I reformatted the whole HDD and while I was reinstalling the OS The PC restarted itself twice. This suggests a hardware system failure. All that is connected is The gfx card, HDD and memory. What can I do now ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:01 10 Sep 2006

Memory Test
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click here

  mikesuther 11:29 10 Sep 2006

Hi Rupie, i think I have some bad news. this sounds very much like it is a virus. i read about this a couple of months ago. litteraly you think your computer is about to start then it restarts itself and it will keep on doing this. Another forum chap had the same problem last week and i am afraid the advice given to him is the same as i am having to give you. you will need to re-format your hard drive by useing the recovery disc that came with your PC or the partition that the format section is on.

This will remove the virus and you will be able to start from scratch. the unfortunate thing is that you will lose all data on your computer that has not been backed up. sorry for such a drastic suggestion but i think you will find that if you do what isuggest it will resolve your problem.

Kind regards


  rupie 11:47 10 Sep 2006

deleted all the partitions on my hard drive, completely reformatted it and the system restarts while I am trying to reinstall XP.

  terryf 11:47 10 Sep 2006

rupie said that he has reformatted his hd in his post so where does the virus come from?
He said'I reformatted the whole HDD and while I was reinstalling the OS The PC restarted itself twice'

  rupie 11:50 10 Sep 2006

why does it do it only when the pc has not been used for a day, only on initial start up. I can reboot as many times as I like, and if I shut down and restart it works, unless I leave it over night ?

  daxian 12:09 10 Sep 2006

hi rupie... do you switch the pc off at the mains,over night?
if so it may be that the power supply is faulty,in as much as it is taking a while for the capacitors to build up a charge ...or hold a charge .
try leaving it connected to the mains see if that solves the problem ,other wise see if you can borrow a power supply to rule this out .Dave.

  thms 12:15 10 Sep 2006

If you have more than 1 memory stick installed remove them and try them one at a time.
Faulty memory will cause your machine to reboot.

  UncleP 12:29 10 Sep 2006

What a difficult fault to find! Only virtue is that it appears to be reasonably reproducible, so you can check out suggested possibilities.

Could be a thermal effect ie system cools down slowly to expose a poor connexion or faulty component which is ok when system is warmed up and running properly.

Unlikely to be a cable/connector problem, as it sounds as if you have re-assembled the machine several times and in different ways.

Which means it may be a fault in one of the major components; standard procedure is to remove parts one at a time until you reach a minimal configuration (which again it appears that you have done) and then substitute the remaining elements with (identical) parts one at a time. Easy enough for repair labs, not for individuals unless you have a similar computer available.

Sorry, these thoughts are meandering and not well expressed.

  rupie 16:09 10 Sep 2006

I have taken it to bits and cleaned it all out, cleaned allthe connections and am at minimum spec. A memory test has been running all afternoon if it does not produce any usefull results after that I will throw it out of the window.

  rupie 19:12 10 Sep 2006

When trying to find my solution The pc would always boot successfully in safe mode. I left it to run memory tests this afternoon and all passed. I have tried to reload xp onto it and each time the setup gets to the last part of the inatallation the pc just shuts down and restarts. Therefore there could be a link between start up in safe mode and the final part of the install. What componant does not get looked at in a safe boot and also only at the end of an install. I am convinced it si something on the motherboard ? It is quite a good 1, its a gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D

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