System Error - Unknown Trojan

  daba 12:58 31 Dec 2007

When I start IE (6), I get a dialog box pop-up that says:-

System Error
Your PC was infected by unknown trojan
It's dangerous for your system (critcal files can be lost)
Click OK to download the antispyware program to clean your system (Recommended)
[ OK ] [ Cancel ]

None of my usual tools (AVG, Spyware Terminator, or CCleaner), has found a problem.

Anyone know what this is, and how to proceed ?


  tullie 13:03 31 Dec 2007

If its for a particular product,they are trying to sell it.

  daba 13:06 31 Dec 2007

if i clear my cookies cache, then start IE, i then get a cookie appear -

  daba 13:07 31 Dec 2007

thanks tullie, no mention of a product, and I don't think its a Windows error box, language and wording just doesn't feel right...

  mfletch 14:20 31 Dec 2007


First Delete All Temp Internet Files and All Cookies,


Download this Free Antispyware {Superantispyware} Before using the Antispyware for the first time check for any updates.

click here


  skidzy 14:30 31 Dec 2007

You may have downloaded something bundled with a legit program.
Basically if you have downloaded messenger Plus for example,it comes bundled with a sponsor that is adware/malware,if you do not untick the sponsor upon install...these things happen.

What have you downloaded recently ?

First follow mfletch's advice,you may find it better to run the scan in safemode.

  daba 16:51 31 Dec 2007

the hijack has been removed, thanks to SuperAntiSpyware, thanks mfletch for the link.

Opportunity for an endorsement of this software, it did what the following list failed to do...

Spyware Terminator

I'll post resolved, hopefully it will stay that way...

  mfletch 16:56 31 Dec 2007

I;m glad SAS did the job,

As to the other;s except Ccleaner {it;s not a Antispy/malware program}

Each one will do things others fail,

But SAS is one of the best,


  skidzy 17:03 31 Dec 2007

Just incase you experience any IE6 issues after the clean up,this tool will repair IE6 click here

You may lose any addons that you have installed.

Glad your sorted daba.

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