System crash/hard disk failure

  Veitcy 17:04 08 Jul 2005

I have now descovered that my hard disk is corrupted or damaged and only shows 10 mg out of 40 is there any way to retrieve data from this drive as i intend to fit a new drive?


  Rayuk 17:16 08 Jul 2005

Welll the best thing to do is instal your new drive as master and instal os then instal duff hard drive as slave see if your new os sees it.
Do you mean 10gig out of 40?

  Veitcy 17:22 08 Jul 2005

Sorry yes it should have read gig not mg I got someone to look at it in the way you state that is how I found out only reading as 10 not 40 the data appears to be on missing 30 gig. I never got a message regarding hard disk it only said system corrupted reformat hard drive.

  Rayuk 18:15 08 Jul 2005

click here
You may get some pointers there.

  Veitcy 17:59 07 Aug 2005

I have now resolved my problem with help of Dell The culprit was an internal flat cable failure!!

  Jaro 18:04 07 Aug 2005


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