System crashes on Virus scanning.

  spiders 14:51 12 Oct 2006

I am running windows Xp operating system, and have F-Prot Antivrus (Licenced) on my system.I must have some sort of virus that downloads other malware/spyware or whatever.F-Prot does nothing on a system scan.I downloaded Ad-Aware and straight away that saw some Trojans and dealt with them.I loaded a licenced version of Norton on my system, and it scans up to C:\Windows\Software Distribution\ Download and then a long filename 9ded4ee34a35fced0033d3e152a36e0e\d3d8.dll Upon reaching this point, it freezes, then system reboots.I have taken Norton off and scanned with AVG, this does EXACTLY the same up to the same point then freezes and system reboots.So it seems obvious where the problem is. But can I safely delete anything in Windows Software Distribution? Or will I be in trouble as its part of windows.Lastly is there a way round if upon deleting a file it says cannot delete, make sure file is not write protected or disk is not full etc ?? Thanks in advance, you do a great job guys.. Phil.

  DieSse 15:05 12 Oct 2006

d3d8.dll should be a file for Direct3D version8 - perhaps the file has somehow become corrupted.

The latest version seems to be 1,152KB dated around Aug 2004 on my system.

You could try re-installing your graphics card driver.

OR if you find more than one copy on your system, you could delete the suspect copy and replace it with another one.

  DieSse 15:08 12 Oct 2006

PS - it's the one in C:/windows/system32 that's the live one - you can probably delete the suspect one with impunity.

  Belatucadrus 15:16 12 Oct 2006

With regard to deleting stuff from the Windows folder, I'd be very wary without knowing precisely what the .dll in question is and I'm afraid I don't. If you want to take the risk try moving it to a floppy or something so you can replace it should things go pear shaped.

Have you considered trying one of the online scans like Panda click here or Trend click here ?

Having had three AV programs on the system within fairly close proximity has probably left a load of rubbish on the hard drive and in the registry. I'd be tempted to :-
1) Make sure all AV programs are removed, deleting any folders they've left in the program files folder.
2) Run a registry cleaner click here RegSeeker and click here RegScrubXP are pretty good.
3) Close as many open background applications as you can and reinstall the AV of choice.

But if you have an AV program that with the exception of this one file works, it's a matter of personal choice.

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