System crashes upon Virus scan

  spiders 22:12 11 Oct 2006

I am running windows Xp operating system, and have F-Prot Antivrus (Licenced) on my system.I must have some sort of virus that downloads other malware/spyware or whatever.F-Prot does nothing on a system scan.I downloaded Ad-Aware and straight away that saw some Trojans and dealt with them.I loaded a licenced version of Norton on my system, and it scans up to C:\Windows\Software Distribution\ Download and then a long filename 9ded4ee34a35fced0033d3e152a36e0e\d3d8.dll Upon reching this point, it freezes, then system reboots.I have taken Norton off and scanned with AVG, this does EXACTLY the same up to the same point then freezes and system reboots.So it seems obvious where the problem is. But can I safely delete anything in Windows Software Distribution? Or will I be in trouble as its part of windows.Lastly is there a way round if upon deleting a file it says cannot delete, make sure file is not write protected or disk is not full etc ?? Thanks in advance, you do a great job guys.. Phil.

  mammak 22:25 11 Oct 2006

Your post is somewhat unclear have you more than one AV running if you have this will cause conflicts could you post a bit more information please.

  spiders 22:34 11 Oct 2006

Hi mammak. I have taken Norton off my system, But still have F-Prot Licenced version on, and also AVG Antivirus. I only have one of them running at any particular time.F-Prot does a full system scan and sees nothing anyway..BUT AVG does scan up to the point I said,Then system reboots And when Norton was on the system, it to scanned up to the very same file. then system reboots. Hope this helps,Thanx.

  Ashrich 22:37 11 Oct 2006

First of all , have a look through the registry and delete anything left for F-Prot and Norton/Symantec ( hkey_current_user/software and hkey_local_machine/software ) then boot into safe mode and try another scan .

  Ashrich 22:39 11 Oct 2006

Sorry missed post saying that you had a full version of F-Prot installed so forget the registry bit about F-Prot for now

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