System Crashes on games

  pb457 17:15 24 Oct 2007

My computer is a P4 3.4 Ghz, 2048Mb DDR2 @ 533Mhz, Nvidia geforce 8600GTS, 300 gig SATA.

It runs all of my games (including Half life 2 series, Doom 3, Oblivion elder scrolls, Farcry) all on top specs, very smooth, and free of crashes for about 5-6 months.

Now all of a sudden, i was on Half life 2: Deathmatch (online), and the system crashed and rebooted, i thought nothing of it, but since then, all my high 3D games have been randomly crashing, with the error message stating something to do with 'system dump', anyone got any ideas or have experienced the same problems?!

Cheers, Dave

  wee eddie 17:42 24 Oct 2007

Try giving everything a good blow-through.

  Totally-braindead 17:44 24 Oct 2007

Update/reinstall graphics card drivers first, then see what happens. Try to run a DirectX test and see what that turns up if it runs. You do this by going to START, RUN and typing DXdiag click here Also check power leads. Graphics cards tend to have a secondary power connector this could be loose. Many modern cards will not run at all if this is not connected but some will half work IE you will find it gives you the desktop and will run some 2D stuff but will fail when you try to run something more demanding, such as a 3d game.
The most likely problem is some sort of corruption in the drivers for the graphics.

If the games run for a bit before they crash then it could be overheating. Worse case scenario is your graphics card is failing or power supply is failing but you would really be better trying everything else first as theres no point spending cash on something when it might not be the problem if you see what I mean.

You could also run a windows repair but I would have thought that if it was a corruption of part of windows that that would effect the 2d display as well.

I'm sure others will help with other better suggestions.

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